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June 22, 2009


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Great job on the bread! It looks lovely. I skipped the glaze on mine, and when I see pictures from other people, I kind of wish I'd added it.


LOL - it is a fabulous looking bread, all the same. Love the shiny glaze!


I think theres a penis in your bread..........


MaWaahahahah I loved reading your comments. They made me giggle. Your censor covers the important parts.... he he kind of like an olive leaf. teehehe Well, needless to say the part I can see looks so beautiful. Do you have a line of peeps outside your door waiting for the bread? Wow, the food you turn out. Get your boyfriend to do the camera work for you in payment for all the wonderful meals you share and enjoy.
Great Job


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Courtney B.

No need to feel embarrassed, everyone else has their head in the gutter. Christopsomo is considered a sacred bread by some Greek Orthodox Christians. The design on top is simply a stylized cross. Christopsomo means "Christ bread".

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