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June 22, 2009


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That bread looks amazing!!!


Wow, the bread looks wonderful!


Hi Tessa,

Your bread looks lovely, and you're right, this bread is just packed full with flavors! How was your shaping experience? I just left mine to balloon into a nice round shape ;)

In terms of pictures, I have my camera close by to take shots of different stages in the baking process. It's a little messy but it works. Other options could be a camera/tripod set-up with your camera in self-timer mode, or having an 'assistant' to take the shots for you ;) I hope it helps!



Your christopsomos looks amazing! Great job. I really loved this bread too.


It looks wonderful. I am planning on making it again at Christmas time and seeing your photo just makes my mouth water thinking about it all again. Yours is really beautiful!


This looks heavenly!


That looks great. The crust of the bread looks crisp. This is the first time I've heard of the christophomos. Awesome!


This looks almost as good as the photo in the book! Way to go!

I'm convinced a lot of food bloggers who take action shots have either a third hand or a helper. My helper is an eating helper, and I was born without a third hand, so not so many action shots.


Geez, I'm still trying to make bagels - and look at this lovely creature you've posted! Positively glistening!


It looks beautiful, you have wonderful skill at picture taking. I bet it tastes delicious :]

(i can't leave here without mentioning that it may just be me, but the formation of the bread looks like something pretty naughty)


Your bread looks beautiful! Lovely glazed surface.

The Duo Dishes

The bread crust does look so amazing. We could eat that alone. The shine is entrancing!


Good looking bread ! Would be perfect to eat some for breakfast in one of those chilly mornings we have down here...


Wow. What a gorgeous bread! Love the shiny glaze, and the golden crust! I bet the house smelled AMAZING with that baking!


Wow, great job. Looks delicious--I'm Greek and have yet to bake Christopsomo myself!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Wow, this bread looks and sounds amazing!


The picture reminds me of a certain manly bodypart. :D Looks delicious. :D


Beautiful bread!


Truly gorgeous!! I'm going to check out the recipe in the book right now. :)



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