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May 05, 2009


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Ha ha! You always crack me up, Teanna. What a cute idea to make sushi with this.


This is easily the cutest recipe name I've ever heard. You should send this to some sort of recipe contest!


Oh my god, you're killing me. Really.

I saw Elizabeth Faulkner's deconstructed "sushi" awhile ago and thought it was the coolest thing.

Now you get that honor!


What a fun idea! Seriously, you are the most creative baker I know Teanna!


Yes, you are a total slacker to not make your own edible chopsticks! Love the tiramisushi!!


I had to do a double take on the title just to make sure I read it right. Totally fun idea!!

Sugar B

OMG, shut up. That is so creative. I want a super roll please.


Hahaha, I love the tiramisushi: again another creative idea!!


You are so inventive!!! Those sushis are soooo cute!!!! You need to start your own business!


omg, these are beyond awesome. i love the cocoa dusted sides.

congrats to jack!


These look great! I love the mascarpone middles.

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

That's adorable! I love tiramisu... yum!

Madam Chow

What a great idea! I took a big shortcut with this one, but it still turned out great. And congratulations to Jack on his MBA!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Brilliant idea! These tiramisushi are just adorable and I bet they are so good!


Not only is that one of the most creative ideas ever, and they look amazingly delicious, but I love the name you came up for them 'tiramisushi'. Brilliant!


Woahhhh... great idea Teanna! So creative and whimsical!

The end result has a lot of character, and presents very well... as all you do anyways!


I WISH I could be your neighbor. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening and your dessert looks delightful!


How creative! I love it, but I think turning this dessert into "finger food" would be dangerous in my kitchen - too easy to grab one from the fridge every time I walked through the kitchen. Ha ha!


Very creative mind you have dear! I love the looks of your Tiramisu creation.
I made cupcakes and was a total slacker since I quit drinking years ago and coffee make my stomach ache. I really simplified the recipe to fit my needs!


Adorable! I love this.

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