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May 12, 2009


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I love Bob Ross's "happy little clouds, trees, birds...." And your tart looks fantastic. I'm basking in the NYC sun right now because I know it won't last for long.


Wow, your filling looks like it's so smooth and silky. Definitely a bit of sunshine on a plate!


oh, i know that feeling, when the sun is hidden and all the clouds conspire against you. here in wisconsin, november and february are the biggest culprits. i'm glad your tart provided you some much need sunshine:)


Sunny citrus chase the clouds away! A lovely pie. Glad you enjoyed.


I can't believe you had left over filling! But that is the most beautiful tart ever! Great going girl.


One of my favorite desserts! I love the tart lemon!


wow beautiful lemon tart I'm loving it! You really captured the lemon tart well in your photos :)

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

I'd happily trade you some sunshine for a little of your rain. My poor little patch of brown grass would love it.

Your tart looks just beautiful! I really loved this one too. The floating islands are also a great idea! Well done!

Madam Chow

I'm with you! This tart (or should I say, filling, in my case) is not for sharing!


I remember watching Bob Ross as a child, if I remember right, did he look vaguely like Richard Simmons? (Who my boss saw at the airport recently and he was totally working the short shorts, even in public!)

I'm glad to see you made the floating islands again, I was worried that I was one of the only twd-er's that liked those.


Your tart looks delicious. I love lemon desserts, and I wish I could have a slice of this right now.


I love your beautiful sunny tart!


YUM! That has to be the creamiest looking one I've seen today, Teanna! Bravo... very, very well done!


floating islands are the best versions of clouds. your tart looks perfect. hope you get some sun soon!


I'm envious of how your tart turned out. It looks much more appealing. Keep up your sun dances and hopefully the sun will shine soon. You can borrow some of my California sun if you want. Just let me know where to send it.

Amy (Sing for your supper)

LOL - I used to come home everyday from school and fall asleep watching Bob Ross!
Your tart looks so creamy and delicious - mine was a little flat because I used an 11" tart pan, but oh well! Nice looking tart!!

The Duo Dishes

That tart looks good! The tartier (is that a word?), the better.


Your tart looks beautiful - I did not really have a browned sugary crust on mine either, so don't worry.


Did we go to the same school? I sang that song, too!

Your tarts look amazing...and so do the floating islands...goodness.

Hopefully the sun shines on you soon.:)


I love your floating island analogy for beating the clouds! Although, here in TX with an air conditioner that just broke, I am happy for a day with clouds. Too many such days, however, and I would be right there with you.

And as for the bubbly top - mine was a little too bubbly, and made quite the mess. So I think that you beat the clouds by this not happening ;)

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