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May 19, 2009


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Sarah Schoolcraft

Definitely going to have to turn my leftovers into French Toast--it looks amazing!


This is an adorable post and a wonderful twist on traditional French toast.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks beautiful and delicious! You're so creative!


Great story, and I love the way you turned this into Trini toast with maple syrup and fresh mangoes on top. I can't imagine a better way to enjoy this bread!


i loved your post, teanna! thanks for sharing the language lessons. it sounds like a beautiful combination of languages. the trini toast is inspired!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Mango bread french toast and more mangos on top - wow, a mango heaven! My daughter will love love love this! french toast is her favorite breakfast and mango - her favorite fruit!

btw, I don't see your last two posts in my reader, found them on foodbuzz. The last post in the reader is for May 15.


awesome twist to french toast, I love mangoes too it's already bringing me back to the Caribbeans! (I'm Puerto Rican and I know exactly what you mean when the islands have their own "english language" lol)


Yum looks great, I'm sure the french toast was divine!

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

Loved the story! And this bread - sooooo yummy! :)


I love the trini toast. It sounds wonderful. I went to grad school with a guy from Trinidad. Your lessons of Trini slang bring me back.

Madam Chow

What a great story! The best mangoes, in my opinion, seem to stay close to home, wherever that is. The Mexican mangoes that are imported taste terrible, but when you get them in Mexico, they're good. I'm with you on this bread - it was fantastic and I'll be making it again.


Oh, please let me have a piece. It looks so good. Your creativeness just continues to inspire me. Loved the story and the picture. Does your mom need a traveling companion?

The Duo Dishes

Stories make food. We say it time and time again. That was so cute. And that mango bread...irie!

Brenda Campbell

This looks wonderful! My family would love this as we love french toast!


What a great post...I loved every single word and it was such fun to hear about your mother, etc. What a heritage you have. The French Toast (Trini Toast) looks excellent...especially with that little draping of mango on the top. I need to make the bread again so I can try this!


Oooh, I loved your post and your Trinitoast. Now I have steel drums in my head!


Thanks for the story - and the lesson! Fantastic looking Trini toast too! Great idea!


Wow, I want to go on a two week vacation to Trinidad! It looks lovely. And the french toast, oh, boy!


Trinidad on my mind....

Oh girl this post was awesome!
A. Because i've spent time in Trinidad and it is hands down one of my favorite countries!!!!


B. You just got even cooler! (if that is even possible!)

I think about the people, the food, the beaches, (Bake N' Shark!!!!!) and just about EVERYTHING all the time.

There is a small cafe here in MN that serves W. Indies food and I love to get my Roti and Doubles fix!

AND YES! The best mango I have ever eaten was in Trinidad!!!!

Thanks for posting this, I almost feel homesick and I'm not even from there! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT THOUGH!


I love your post! You bring a smile to my face every week. I have actually been to Trinidad and Tobago! And yes, I did hear language just like that!! French toast- superb idea.

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