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May 06, 2009


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What an insanely gorgeous dish! Now I'm going to dream of making orechiette. Yours look perfect.


Okay I just went and checked out the orecchiette recipe (and the chickpea sauce). Definitely making that after my finals!


Oh snap... I have to make this. I've never made pasta by hand or by machine. I always by the premade stuff. If you can do it, then I can too.

Tasty looking meal you got there!!


I've always wanted to try making my own pasta. Yours looks delicious!


I am so impressed! This is a beautiful dish, different from the usual carbonara. I never even thought of using orecchiette and you made them yourself...incredible! Good Job!

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

This looks delicious! I have been wanting to make some homemade pasta lately, so I will check out your orecchiette recipe! That very well may cure me of my Barilla Plus addiction.


Teanna - the more I read your blog the more I love it. This sounds so tasty and also not terribly awful for the waistline (which is important to me in a recipe)

And a tip to those who do not have time to make the homemade pasta - just throw some flour on yourself and pretend that you did. :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

What a gorgeous pasta dish! I've made ravioli without a pasta machine before and this homemade orecchiette is a great idea! Yum!


Sounds delicious! I need to make more homemade pasta.

Stacey Snacks

Those "little ears" are beautiful!
What a great idea to make a carbonara for them to keep them warm and cozy!


Making pasta is second nature? Ok, can I slap you now? I've made it once and while it was good, I need practice. Are you available for tutoring?


You made your own 'little ears' WOW...Im impressed. I still have yet to learn the art of pasta making... I have a pasta roller but have not busted it out yet. One day....

The Duo Dishes

Mmmm mmm good. Yes ma'am!

Tangled Noodle

I am so lame for being so late! Look at all that I've been missing. Curse my procrastinating tendencies!

[Calm] This is great! I love carbonara and this recipe is perfect. I've always wanted to make homemade pasta but don't have the patience to cut thin ribbons by hand. Love them little ears!


OK - you just convinced me that I need to add another piece to my collection of kitchen "stuff". Now I need to figure out how to sneak it in the house with my boyfriend noticing.


Okay, so I made this. Not the orecchiette but the dish. I loved it. My photo did not look as pretty as yours so I'm not sure if I should blog about it or not. I used the whole pound of orecchiette so I should have added another egg. I think I have to try it again! Thanks for a great recipe!

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What a gorgeous pasta dish! I've made ravioli without a pasta machine before and this homemade orecchiette is a great idea! Yum!


This stock photo has been seducing my taste buds all over the web... I'm finally surrendering and printing out this recipe so I can make my own... (I'll buy the pasta, though; I'm impatient!)

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Can you tell me what a carbonara should turn out to be. I loved the red pepper and extra bacon. I tried peas but wouldn't add them again, they compete for taste with the leeks.

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