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May 21, 2009


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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks delicious. I enjoyed your review of myrecipes.com, as well. I was aware of it before but had never really taken full advantage of it... I will be giving it another look!


I love risotto year-round, but it's so great in the spring with vegetables like leeks and fava beans. Sounds great!


Great review about myrecipes.com and the risotto looks delicious!


Mmmm... that really does look delicious. I especially love your last photo. Looks fresh and yummy. Thanks for your compliments on my blog. I must admit that most of the photos are taken by my hubby. But, I will pass the compliment on to him. :)


Thanks for the heads up on MyRecipes.com! I've seen it while browsing recipes, but didn't know about all of the features...


I'll have to check myrecipes.com out. Thanks. Your risotto looks really good!!


I began following your blog only recently (I think I saw it somehow via the 101cookbooks flickr photo pool?) and I really enjoy it!

I have been craving risotto lately, and I have some arborio rice staring at me in the pantry, but my head has been going from there to "winter" and I just haven't made the leap.

Perfect timing for a spring risotto recipe. Thanks for this post, and for such a refreshing, fun, and useful blog! =) Keep up the good work.


Mmmm... this looks mighty delicious... luscious and creamy it could easily become a great comfort food!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

I've never been to myrecipes.com - will check them out. The risotto looks great!


Find more Spring Risotto in my recipe blog search:


Caramel strawberries huh? I could see those being mighty tasty. Risotto looks great. I made only one risotto before, similar to this except I used barley and red wine instead of white. It was sure worth the effort!

The Duo Dishes

That is a super duper picture you have there. So delish!

food librarian

Oh my gosh. I totally know that Inbox filled wtih my own emails. Sometimes I even write, "you really should make this. Love, me" on the emails!

Glad you made this! Awesome!


found the note I had scribbled when jack told me about your blog... and i have just spent an HOUR (at least) reading thru the FABULOUS recipes!! now can't wait until aug 15! aunt m


Love the review & love the risotto...mmmmmmmm DELICIOUS!!

Madam Chow

I should give this a try, since I email myself several recipes every week!


Mmm this risotto looks amazing. I haven't made risotto in so long.

Builders Melbourne

i haven't made resitto ever since.. which makes me think this is really good which i can see it on the image


Your risotto looks amazing. I hope that when I do get a chance to make it, it comes out as well as yours!
I also just came upon MyRecipes.com. I couldn't believe how many great recipes they have on that site...I too have been sending myself e-mail loads of links to each of the recipes I want to make!


I like MyRecipes too, I've found some great recipes there. I laughed at the inbox full of recipes sent by YOU. I probably have about 300+ sitting in my inbox, UNREAD! Great looking risotto :)

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