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May 07, 2009


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I have no idea how you worked with those tentacles. If there is anything in the world of food that grosses me out, it's tentacles!! Congrats for conquering the octopus!


Oh my. I'm not sure I can handle that this early in the morning. Although the idea of running around my apt screaming and waving octopus tentacles sounds strangely attractive :)


Wow, so cool! Though I definitely would have been screaming and running around my house too.

Nancy (n.o.e.)

Creative solution to get just the flavors you wanted! I would have needed a step by step recipe. And this is totally hypothetical because I can't imagine a 5 lb octopus coming into my kitchen any time soon.


You are so brave, battling those tentacles! Looks like the end result was worth it.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Great job on that octopus! The final presentation looks totally delicious!

saucy apron

nice! did you get my tweet on the smoked salt from maine?


I was watching House last night and then just before bed I read your post. Let me tell you... that led to some crazy dreams. Don't ask me why they had to dissect an Octopus to find out what was wrong with their patient but that's what was going on in my dreams last night. So thank you for the nights entertainment. :)

I have to say you are awfully brave to concur that beast. I have trouble eating chicken wings after I have separated them myself... I can't imagine cutting of tentacles! Kudos to you!


Oh my god, you are SO BRAVE!!!!! I'm totally going to have to try this now. Looks awesome! I eat these octopi at work, but they're generally served cold with vinegar. Yours look super exciting...


I've never cooked octopus, but I have the same reaction to dealing with squid. Your final dish looks great!


Hi! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now but never commented till now... I just have to say that you are so brave!
I have never tried octopus. Even cooked octopus makes me squeamish cause I can't stand looking at the suckers. But strangely enough, I find your recipe really appetizing! Grilled octopus actually sounds delicious :)


Uh, I don't think I will every buy an octopus. I'm squeamish about chicken! How cool for you though. It does sound delicious. Maybe I will just come over after you are done cooking it? Okay?


I think you deserve some sort of cooking medal for that! I'm such a baby, I like to pretend my meat never looked like anything but cut up and neatly packaged at the grocery store.


Kudos to you for attempting this. The only octopus I've had was a calamari. I'd be to squeamish just to deal it.


Teanna, you deserve a badge of courage from me! i love eating octopus, but never in my wildest dreams would ever considering preparing it at home.

You are amazing, and your dish looks so delicious!

The Duo Dishes

So sorry but...the female half of this Duo is SCARED CRAPLESS of that dead octo. Lurd jebus, he's scary! Looks much better super dead and cooked. :)


Oh for crying out loud - I just watched Alien vs. Predator 2 last night! Now I'm going to have nightmares about a giant octopus coming to get me!

BTW - my dad loves octopus, but I am not as adventurous as you to actually attempt to cook it.


Wow, I am seriously impressed that you undertook this baking assignment. I bow down to your kitchen goddess-ness.


I love how much fun you had with this dish :) Great flavors. I have never worked with octopus but I want to!


I love your blog, your pictures are beautiful. I don't know what to say about the octopus!!!!!! Amazing.

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