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May 01, 2009


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ha, it looks plenty yummy to me


OMG. This sounds ah-mazing! Yum. Making this very, very soon.

Matt (No Meat Athlete)

This looks so good, I'm going to make it tonight! I'm on such a coconut milk kick right now. Do you mind if I put a photo of mine on my blog, and of course link to yours?


This recipe is so for me. I went vegan in 2007, but have yet to find a recipe that incorporates the West Indian flavors I miss. I used to eat different variations of curry, rice, and roti at least twice a week. I can't wait to make this.

phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

I finally made this and it was delicious! Super easy too. Thanks Teanna!

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Curried cauliflower and chickpeas sound delicious! Very healthy too - will have to try it for my daughter!

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This sounds fantastic. Cauliflower and chickpeas are both favorites of mine!

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