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May 26, 2009


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Not that such perfection needed ice cream... but the idea is totaly creative and original!

Way to go, Teanna!


Thay look beatiful and delicious!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Very cute - and the pictures look great! I think adding ice cream was a great idea.


Wow amazing, you always come up with something way over the top! They look wonderful! I wasn't sure how impressed I was with this recipe until they sat overnight. Very tasty!


The cookie on top of the brownie was amazing for me, but now your adding ice cream to it! That's just torture ;) They look wonderful!


Okay, I totally love your "poop on a stick" description of how you feel and I totally feel the same way. We had a nice BBQ last night and I was so full I couldn't even really have a cookie brownie. Certainly didn't need it, so no loss here. Even today I still feel poopy. Great idea with the cupcakes and ICE CREAM!

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

Wow, Teanna! Those are incredible... so much cuter than the plain brownie look. :) Great job!


I'm with you! These are ok on their own, but delicious with ice cream (and hot fudge). And I visited friends in the mountains over the long weekend and ate virtually non-stop. Long, long runs in store for me this week.


How do you do that?!? Every single week you blow me away with your creative interpretations! Ice cream is a fabulous addition to this, I'm sure!


This is my kind of dessert, you gotta have the ice cream to go with.


Cute pictures. Ice cream does make everything better.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

What a great idea to make a brownie cupcake and the ice cream on top is so perfect!


Oh good Im not the only one who ate like a poopy pig! I have a total food hangover today and even the site of all these brownies makes me gag!
I do love what you did with your brownies though! Very nice.
Im running like a mad woman and trying to eat good this week!!


Ice cream does make everything better. I hope no one's posted the calorie count on these goodies.


Once again -you take something simple and make it a hit! These look like the perfect summer treat - ice cream! What a great topping. Love the sprinkles too - I need to venture into sprinkles and confetti and.... an ice cream topped brownie/cookie cupcake. Love it!


They look so cute as cupcakes! Plus, I love jimmies on ice cream.


Great pictures! And I am with you, I ate all weekend too.. Hmph! Will be busting my tuckus at the gym all week now... ;-)


i know how you feel. I'm the same way right now. it's a really cruddy feeling, too. LOL. But maybe I'll make an exception for those brownie cupcakes. Maybe...Just maybe.


Ice cream does make everything better. I actually bought five containers of Edy's this weekend. And I think they are mostly already gone.

I'm impressed with the running. I managed to walk, once, over the whole three day weekend!


running on the beach=awesome. bob marley=awesome. topping these glorious creations with ice cream=awesome. yay, teanna!

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