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April 28, 2009


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So sorry about your knee! Take care.

And you have truly entered the realm of elite bakers if this is considered a failure. It looks awesome. Nobody would have known (if not for your admirable honesty). :-)


Love the post. I didn't know the kid from A Christmas Story is a porn star. How sad.

Too bad it didn't work out for you (or maybe it's a good thing so you wouldn't be tempted?) but at least your forged on and tried to be creative.


HA awesome post! I laughed out loud literally.... Sorry it didn't workout.. but they sure look lovely!


LOL ... awwwwwwww ... pls come out of your pantry .. these things happen .. you are an AWESOME baker! And no one's kicking you out of any group! Shame on them if they do :p ... look on the bright side, that's one sexy new camera you've got.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

When I have days like this, nothing works for me in the kitchen and all my cooking either looks like mush or something burned. These tartlets look wonderful though - great job!

The Duo Dishes

New camera=sweet! No one can tell you anything now! You can take pics of anything, including massive amounts of chocolate tarts, and it will be much fun.

carol peterman

With a gorgeous photo like that we would have no clue that it wasn't tasty! Congratulations on your new camera. In the digital world, there is no such thing as taking too many pictures.


Looks like success to me. Funny post...lovely photos.


Well, if nothing else, your tarts look phenomenal! Looks like you've really learned to use your camera in no time at all!

Hope your knee heels soon!


Awwee, sorry!

I didn't love this either, but everyone who had some did!

Awesome about the new camera though. Forge on! I'm sure you'll kick some booty with your tiramisu!


Great job!!

I loved choose your own adventure books! I liked when something really bad would happen, like you would die. Made it more worth while to keep trying to live. :)


congrats on your new DSLR! Your tartlets still look very pretty, even though it didn't quite work out. :-)


I loved the choose your own adventure books! Sorry to hear your tart didn't turn out as you'd hoped! It looks gorgeous though.


Your tarts are so cute and professional looking. Really fabulous little babies. I did not know that Ralphie was a porn star. I am so sad now! Thanks, T! Now, I am bummed. (j/k)


This post was great! I love the way your little tarts look! Really unique and creative. Good luck with the new camera, too!


I'm sorry to hear the sad ending to your very entertaining story. I feel ya on the not being to work out; I hurt my hip last summer and I was very cranky when I couldn't exercise (and eat) as much as I wanted. And the pictures with your new camera are amazing!


First of all, they're gorgeous. That's really all that matters. And I used the shortbread tart dough - I couldn't handle all that chocolate. They wre awesome!

Blog is really looking great...


Oooooooops! At least you have your new camera to consol you and keep you company in the pantry.

Jan @ Pantry Connection

Wow - those pics are incredible! The pictures alone are making me crave chocolate! Thanks for sharing!

Jan ~ Founder, Pantryconnection.com



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