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April 28, 2009


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Aww, Teanna, come out of the pantry closet. We love you (and your tarts, too!) Maybe I'm not sophisticated, but when that chocolate cream that tasted like pudding got together with the crust and the cream it was synergy.

I identify with being dessert-ed out!

Sugar B

Awww, you got a new camera!

I was chocolated out and so I made pecan pie tarts instead (I should have made a burger).

Your chocolate cream tarts look divine and so-so fine!

*I want a camera now, pouting*


What? You're nuts -- those are absolutely fantastic! A+ for the creativity. They look nothing like a cream tart though - but I think they look even better! Those "tophats" are so unique! I'll take a dozen please! Don't get to upset over the injuries. I ruptured my plantaris tendon 3 weeks ago, so no running for awhile, I feel for you. You'll be more stronger when you're healed, think of it that way. AND you'll have more time to plan/create more masterpieces!


What camera have you got? Sounds great! Those tarts look wonderful, seriously!


I definitely had days like that. But, your tarts look lovely!


Hahahaha this was hilarious! Sorry your tarts didn't work out...at least they look pretty!


You are too funny! The tarts are gorgeous, please come out from hiding:)


Thanks for your kind words.. Your photography is pretty stunning yourself. These look incredible! I love the chocolate on top. I can't wait to see your DB cheesecake either :)


The tarts looks really good! I love the strawberries hiding under the flat top of chocolate...to cute!


I am SURPRISED that coffee did not shoot out of my nose while reading this. Are you a writer? If not, you need to be. I'd buy your book.

Effort always counts and let me tell you, your effort was gorgeous! Nice pictures and congrats on the DSLR. I'm so stinkin jealous!


This post completely owns me. I might have added one other adventure option: Or do you lie to your blog readers and pretend you loved the tarts? (page 12). Page 12: Your blog readers think that your tarts look gorgeous and amazing and would never believe that they didn't taste equally wonderful. The end.


OMG you are hilarious!! That camera takes awesome pictures and you'd never know that there were issues with your recipe :) The disks are so cool!

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Congrats on a new camera! Love this post - even if you didn't enjoy your tarts, they still look beautiful! :-)



It all looks so elegant and beautiul. This is why you will NEVER be kicked out of TWD and no one hates you! Really fun to see all your creativity each week.


That was one hilarious post.


Your pictures are fabulous.


I love your post. Too funny. I used to read those books all the time when I was a kid. It frustrated me to no end when I always picked the adventure that killed me. You must be a very patient person to make whipped cream three times. I would be in tears in a heap in the corner of the pantry screaming about how the whipped cream doesn't love me. Thanks for the laughs.


Oh no! You are a trooper. I would have quit for sure after the whipped cream spillage.


D'oh! Sorry you had problems... but they do look gorgeous! :) Congrats on the new camera and hope your knee heals up fast!!


Hmmm... well, at least your photos are nice! And congrats on the new camera. I am so jealous!


At least you got a new camera and some beautiful pictures! Your tarts *look* great.

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