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April 07, 2009


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It looks delicious! The pie and the ice cream. I'm glad you liked it so much. I liked it in the end, I just need to perfect my pie skills. ;)

Amber Marie

Oh, I love the little red bananas. And the little yellow sweet ones. Glad they worked for this recipe!


This recipe is amazing! I love your photos and creativity. Thanks for sharing!


OH MY! Your mini's look amazing! I think I may have just drooled on my keyboard!


I love the deconstructed pie ice cream. It sounds absolutely heavenly.


Love the mini pies--how cute! I have never even heard of red bananas but now you've got me all curious...I will def. keep an eye out for them in the future!


Wow, awesome!! That ice cream looks phenomenal. And your pie sounds wonderful!! Glad you enjoyed it!


Your little pies look sooo cute and yummy! I just bought myself an ice cream maker and I might just give this a try too!


I love the mini pies! I bet it was delicious with the ice cream.


good lord. the mini tarts look fabulous...the ice creams look AWESOME! very creative. i loved this pie too--mainly for the custard. yum!


This look delicious! This pie was a hit at my house :)


Oh, I would have loved the ice cream version so much more than the actual pie. I like fruit flavors, just not the fruit itself. I will surely try that.


You have to be one of the most creative bakers I know. Seriously, I wish I just made ice cream on a whim. T, you always have the best TWD posts! You are awesome.


Your post made me laugh. Leave it to you to create these in some mini-too cute- form! These look great!

I have NEVER had banana cream pie either...have we been living under a rock?


Sounds like there's a lotta yummy dancing going on at your place! :) I LOVE, LOVE your creative take with the ice cream...I love pie, but I think I will love the ice cream even more.

Fantastic job Teanna!

Tangled Noodle

I don't know how you do it - you are a font of creativity! Love it all, want it all!


Ah, You didn't like the pie. So Sorry!!! HAH!! I think you are the most enthused with this TWD pick. I don't think any one else danced...

Yours looks great and the ice cream. Fantastic!!!


FABULOUS all around girl!


Your mini pies look amazing! I just want to pop one in my mouth right now. And the ice cream sundae? To die for! Can I come over next week?! ;)


Holy heck, that is some hardcore baking & making. It all looks SO good too.

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