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April 21, 2009


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Robert-Gilles Martineau

Dear Friend!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
My, a USA?Italy fusion?
You are going to make some big appetites happy! LOL
Great posting!


YUM, this tiramisu version of the pudding looks so good! Definitely not the usual soggy carb.


This looks so good. I may have to try it again with your adaptations. I like to yell challah too.

Amber Marie

Oh, now this looks good. So glad you liked it!

Sugar B

HAHA! You made tiramisu bread pudding. That is pretty bad-ass. Props.


Looks great! Also, I don't mind the Foodbuzz emails - it sometimes is the way I will make it back to many sites I like, even though it sometimes takes time. There are so many great sites out there that you can't always get to them all without a little reminder! Thanks for sending!


Ditto everyone else -- great twist on the chocolate bread pudding by going tiramisu! Must try this too!


Pure GENIUS. I bow to your greatness! I've already printed the recipes and am soooo going to make this. Like you I cannot do soggy foods (ew! gag me w/a spoon EW!) but have always enjoyed bread pudding and I love tiramisu!


Okay looked the recipe over. So, how'd you put the whole thing together? Details please?! When you have a chance of course! :)

Tangled Noodle

The tiramisu cream is enough to put me in the hospital! A pound of mascarpone?! My thighs just ballooned to size ENORMOUS. Happy to hear that this has set you on the road to bread pudding conversion; now we just have to work on the rice pudding aversion, which btw is my absolute favorite. Don't knock the rice! 8-P

Needless to say, this dessert is absolutely awesome!


LOL - so glad that you liked this version of bread pudding. And I love your original twist. I have to say that soggy All Bran is enough to make me gag - yuk!


looks so good!!!! will try this weekend !


I have the same problem with soggy carbs! When I was little my brother's favorite thing was "graham cracker cereal"--he used to soak graham crackers in milk until they were soggy and falling apart and then eat them. I had to leave the room.

I liked this one too though!

Bread and Jam

What an amazing combination! Cannot believe how delicious this looks. Great post! :)


This is genius! True genius!


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