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April 21, 2009


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wow. this looks amazing.. even though i didn't like my version, i feel compelled to make yours!


Super idea to turn the pudding into tiramisu! It looks very, very delicious.


You're a wise woman. This looks wonderful (how could it not be wonderful with the addition of strong coffee and rum?). Way to improvise!


I am so glad you liked it.

Brilliant on that cream


So creative with the tiramisu! I'm glad you're a bread pudding convert, life is too short to miss out on soggy (or moist) bread.

The Duo Dishes

Oh damn all of our internal Fatty McGees! It would be hard to just have 2 bites of this.


Brilliant take on the bread pudding! Makes me want to try it again! Maybe.


So creative yet again Teanna!! I'm not a Tiramisu fan but that looks good. I love how yours is so tall - mine was pretty thin in comparison.


That looks so good!


Brilliant. I am really not a fan of bread pudding, but this recipe wasn't bad. Now yours would have a released Fatty Mcgee in me

Kelly D

Tiramisu and bread pudding - great combo. I have soggy carb issues myself. I have lived for well over 30 years without ever having a bowl of cereal with milk. ick. But this? was fabulous.


Oh, no, you have clearly gone over to the dark side of eating soggy carbs...what will we find out next???? LOL. It looks lovely...I love the little topping looking like a hat sitting upon the piece...very nice.


Wow, wow, wow, I am almost speechless, that looks (and sounds) so good!


Oh how I love this post! Fabulous job with this week's recipe!


Gorgeous!!! I bet this was amazing with the tiramisu cream. This made a bread pudding lover out of me, too (and I share your wet carb revulsion).


You are brilliant. I bow to your baking magnificence.


Is that seriously ONE POUND of mascarpone in the tiramisu cream. WOW! It sounds wonderful, or like you said heaven in your mouth. I'm glad you made it a success for you and BF was able to do the happy dance again.


This is great!!! I love tiramisu!!

carol peterman

This seems as monumental as when that one fella got chocolate in the other fellas peanut butter, or was it that the one fella got peanut butter in the other fellas chocolate? Either way - a perfect match! Wow, that looks good.

Erin O.

Mmmmm...that looks amazing. Nice job!

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