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April 21, 2009


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Oh, I bow at your feet - tiramisu? Are you kidding me? But at least the carbs weren't soggy.

Self control be damned.


Wet bread. I had to get used to it to - but never thought to do anything like tiramisu! How creative! I think tira can make ANYTHING edible, don't you? Kudos to you for thinking outside the box -love it!!!


Yeah, wet bread seems to not be my thing... But the tiramisu looks amazing!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Challaaaaaaaaah! My hubby and I shout that whenever we see it.

Soon I will be Fatty McGee if I keep reading your blog and making your yummy recipes!

Have you tried the rice pudding at Rice to Riches? You might see me there in August!


Bread pudding and tiramisu, wow. Would never have thought of that, good job, it sounds amazing!!!


Well, I'm glad to hear you're a convert. It sure looks better than mine.

I thought the custard was great too and am embarressed to admit that I was eating it straight.


YOU my dear, are brilliant. What a terrific use of bread pudding. Personally I love bread pudding as it is, soggyness and all, but this looks amazing too!!


Hello, Captain Obvious! (just following directions;) This sounds wonderful--I have always been a fan of bread pudding, but not of soggy bread. And there IS a difference, as you have so wisely pointed out. Love your variation!


I totally agree about the soggy bread. NOT FOR ME. But your recipe looks like I could hack it. Thanks... I want to try your version now! I also have been known to shout out Challaaaaaaaaah, whenever I'm around challah bread!!! :)


I love that you added Tiramisu in with this! I am a fan on vanilla custard bread pudding, but I really liked this one too. It was even better drizzled with chocolate sauce or cream anglaise!


This looks sinfully delicious!


Ahahah I'm cracking up at the Fatty McGee bit! I love bread pudding but never had a tiramisu version of it. Usually if I have a treat like this I always say well at least I get to burn it off at the gym the next day! :p


I love bread pudding but would have never thought to make one inspired by Tiramisu. You're brilliant!


I want that for breakfast, lunch & dinner please!!! love me some tiramisu ... gorgeous!


holla! i love, love your adaptations, teanna. i want to make this now. tiramisu is divine:)


Awesome idea. That is the prettiest piece of bread pudding I have seen so far today!


It looks gorgeous, and delicious too. well done.
I don't mind getting recipes from time to time, what I mind is when I get more than 1 invite for the same recipe.
Take care



I fall at your feet. A merger of two of the most delicious desserts ever.

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

I made chocolate bread pudding last night - absolutely adore it. I love the idea of turning it into Tiramisu... Fantastic! I will be giving this a try very very soon!


Hollllllla, Captain Obvious! Once again you did something decidedly NOT obvious and made your own amazing creation out of this recipe. I really do think the key to bread pudding (at least for me) is making sure that is not too soggy. The flavors in yours look amazing, and I am so glad that you loved it!

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