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April 20, 2009


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I have a copy of that sky high book and now I can't believe I haven't tried anything from it yet. chai, wow, very col.

Monica H

Your cake looks great! Thank you for your comment on my blog, it made me feel better about m y diaster :-)

jin hooi

yeah, agree totally !! This cake is amazing !!! well done

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

This cake sounds amazing and Honey Ginger Cream just delicious!

The Duo Dishes

Cardamom's in there! Yessss. This sounds heavenly. Light, fluffy, sweet, spicy. It's good stuff. The ginger simple syrup is genius too!

food librarian

How beautiful is this?! What a wonderful color and crumb.

Brownie Power

WOW this cake looks wonderful!!! I have to bake this soon. Thanks for the recipe!!

Love your blog!


I totally agree with you. This was one of my favourite cakes. Loves the idea of the ginger syrup.


it look great really does, and delicious..Cream a little soft but scrumptious. well done great post :) xxx


This looks incredible - oh my gosh! Yum!!


The cake looks delicious. Chai in our language means tea with milk with or without spices. Do you mean the same thing?


Good for you that you tried again! I tend to want to throw in the towel pretty quick. :(

Everyone's raved about this one so, it's going on my must bake list. I'm also going to copy you make use a simple syrup.


the interior of the cake looks pretty good despite the mishaps that happened during baking! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it!

Tangled Noodle

Wow! This cake must be something else. I'd love to try new flavors outside of the usual chocolate, vanilla, etc. I tend to be pretty disorganized in the kitchen so I promise to pay attention to the recipe so that I don't poop all over it!


Cake looks perfect. Chai is such a great spice. Wish I had had time to make this cake. Everyone's looks so yummy.


This IS quite good..."Sprinkles" cupcakes actually makes a cupcake very similar to this...yum!


That looks amazing!


chai anything is my friend. Mmmmmm

Zoë François

The cake looks and sounds so absolutely wonderful! I adore these flavors!


This looks and sounds delicious. Found your site through Cherryspoon on Foodbuzz. Can't wait to try the Honey Ginger Cream.

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