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April 20, 2009


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Wow, that's a fantastic review! Glad you were such a huge fan! I love when I find a really great recipe. The cake looks marvelous - layer cakes are so beautiful!


Look at that shimmering frosting. Would it be wrong if I made just that and ate it with a spoon?
Been wanting to check out that book as well.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

The cake looks/sounds delicious - nice job! Printing out the recipe - my hubby will love the flavors of chai in a cake.

I could totally feel your frustration and the panic while I was reading this post - I'm the exact same way when baking (especially the part about trying to work in the butter last minute - this happened to me last week and it didn't turn out so well). And I'm so impressed that you tried making it again, with great success!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

okay, panicked a little when I couldn't find the link to the recipe. Had to dig a around a bit but I finally got it!


I absolutely adore spice cakes. Will def. bookmark for future cravings!


Ooh-la-la, this is a beauty! I want! :)

cafe johnsonia

This is my very favorite cake, too. I made it twice! We just finished up the last bit of the second cake today.

Your cake is stunning! I love the billows of frosting.


that cake looks luscious! so moist too :)


These flavors sound fantastic for the cake! And, that frosting must be the most delicious thing ever.


I love chai. This sounds like a delicious cake. Especially with the frosting.


Your chai cake is scrumptious! Lucky you "had" to make a second one!

mary jo

i agree, the cake is amazing! great job trying it again after a not so successful first try :)


I love this chai idea! we are all hooked on chai around here since our recent trip to India. We will make this one for sure. Namaste


It's a good thing I dropped out of Cake Slice - because I would have devoured that entire cake. Honey Ginger Cream? Can I just get an IV started with that?


No pooping all over the process here -- this cake is a vision of perfection. And that is some kind of enthusiastic review - I cannot wait to try this; we love spiced cakes around here!


Fabulous! Thanks for passing this along. I'll be sure to link to it on my blog.

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

This cake looks delicious! Now I just wish I had a good reason to make it.


Chai spices in a cake? I am so going to make this cake! I love how shiny the icing looks, almost like a meringue. Beautiful!


This cake sounds so yummy!!!


Look at that shiny icing, yummy! And great idea about using ginger syrup in the layers. Moistness is my new word, btw :)

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