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April 27, 2009


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Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

These look scrumptious and congrats on your new camera!

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

Your photos with the new camera look great! And yes, I do sing the Cool Running song quite a bit... that was my all-time favorite movie as a kid.

These look delicious!


Great photographs, these look totally delicious! I just wanna grab one and dip it in something!


so excited for you and your new camera! can't wait to see all of the great pictures. and don't worry, i slacked on the DB cheesecake too..


Food wrapped in a patty is so delicious. And these seem so hearty. Way to go on the camera purchase. My BF is the amateur photographer of the couple and he literally snaps away at everything. You'll probably have loads of fun with this new camera.


You had me at your post title. These look incredible! You took great pix before, so I can't even wait to see what you'll do with your new camera!


Congrats on the new camera! I can't wait to try these...looking good!


They look delicious! I want to make these!


I love Cool Runnings, it's such a fun movie. And, I'm super jealous of your new camera! The pictures look wonderful. And, those patties look delish.


Great photos! I really need to improve on my photo taking abilities...I think I'm not very good at it, but maybe it's the camera? (Great dish too!).


The D40 is a great camera! What a great looking recipe!


Nice job on the photos. I have the same camera. You'll definitely have fun playing around with it.

Now that veggie patty definitely makes up for the missing cheesecake. hehehe...=) It's kind of like the Jamaican version of the empanada. Delish!!


Cool new camera! Just don't eat it - ok?


Congrats on the new camera. The pictures are amazing. The jamaican patties look and sound yummy.

I love coconut oil! And if you run out of lotion you can also use it to soften your skin. :P


LOL Teanna - these will keep us going nicely until the cheesecake is born. They look delicious.


Great photos! I will definitely try that recipe. I have that camera too, and I love it! How did you get the background to be so blurry? I'm really curious.


Congrats on getting a new camera. The photos are looking good. Will be looking forward to your DB post!

Tangled Noodle

With your new camera and the great pix it takes, I don't mind at all waiting for the cheesecake! These patties will make me feel healthy before I visually gorge myself on the cheesecake. 8-)


Cool pics with the D40. Guess we'll have to wait for the cheesecake...hurry up though. I'd love o see what you come up with!


What an interesting recipe! It looks delicious, and it's so different than anything I've ever had. My favorite kind of recipe. And I loved Cool Runnings as a kid...cracked me up :)

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