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April 22, 2009


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Healthy Brownies - I'm still a bit of a skeptic. I'll have to try these myself.


A healthy recipe - phew! Not that I didn't appreciate your recipes for tiramisu bread pudding and chai spiced cake, but I need to be able to fit into my skinny jeans before they go out of style!

Seriously, this recipe looks easy and I bet it tastes delish (applesauce is a great low fat secret ingredient). Thanks!

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

These brownies look wonderful! I am trying to lose weight, but I love dessert - so these sound like a good treat that won't wreck my progress so far!


They look incredible! The egg whites must keep them light and airy, and I love walnuts in brownies.


I have got to try these. Brownies are my weakness, I need a healthier recipe in my mix! Thanks girl!


Yum! Clearly I should be making these instead of Milky Way brownies that have like a zillion calories in them, I'm sure!!


Ok, I gotta try these... yum!


I actually have a bit of WWPF in my pantry that I have been looking at ???? what to do. So... thank you for the nudge and I would love to try this recipe. They look good and I'm hungry. Time to go for a run before I jump back into the frig. he he thanks for the recipe.


I am making these ASAP. I even have three egg whites in my fridge - it is fate! They look incredible!

Cate O'Malley

I'm all for a low-fat brownie that doesn't skimp on taste - looks delicious!


OMG. They sound and look amazing. Do the calories include the walnuts?

The Duo Dishes

Yes, the applesauce trick works everytime. More brownies for everyone. This is better than the No Pudge box mix for sure!


Healthy, check. Chocolate, check. Brownies, check. Please tell me you've got more???

Tangled Noodle

I'm reading your healthy brownies first before I move on to the tiramisu - this way, I won't feel as if I've gorged myself before I get to 'taste' all the treats!


I want to make these!

Michelle from Baken

They certainly look good! Thanks for posting, I'm actually excited to try this recipe because anything low fat would be a nice addition to all that I bake!


Hmmm. I may have to test this theory for the The Brownie Project.

Does a shot of Amaretto make them less healthy?


Whoa! Decadence on a plate!


I know many a time people will comment on blogs and say "oh, i am going to try this, i am bookmarking this, blah blah blah. (I may or may not do that myself) However, I am for sure going to be making these as soon as possible.


Wowee, wow, wow - healthy brownies that taste good?? I am so there!

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