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April 23, 2009


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Teanna I have not heard from you regarding the give away. Let me know if you have changed your mind about participating or if you failed to get my message. Thanks.


La Cucina Italiana is one of my favourite magazines as well. You did a marvelous job on this dish. It looks absolutely delicious!

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks delicious! I have never made cornish hens before, but I think I will have to give it a try!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

The photo looks pretty good to me! Nice color on the bird. But as a weird food enthusiast, I'm embarrased to admit that little birds like cornish game hens and quails scare me a little. I promise one day I'll step up to the plate.

btw Chinese people eat squab/pigeon (but so far, not me!)


I make cornish hen at home all the time. Although I love my recipe I will have to try this to spice things up a bit because although you didn't like the photo I think it looks yummy.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Lovely! Wonderful with prosciutto and polenta! These are some of my favorite ingredients!


I don't think to cook cornish hens often enough, and this looks great! The mushrooms with polenta look outstanding.


Wow, that looks fantastic! I've never made cornish hens but I see them at the store all the time. I need to try this one out on my husband!


Uh, my dinner invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

**foot tapping**

Don't let it happen again.


Oooo...That looks delicious!!!! With the mushrooms and polenta. I'm drooling!


It sounds delicious! Polenta and mushrooms. YUM. I'm scared to buy La Cucina Italiana b/c I already get too many food magazines. I won't even flip through the pages at the newstand.


My man and I used to love to eat cornish game hens. I don't know why we quit eating them. I guess when the kids come along it's harder to cook. This recipe looks amazing and I am going to try it. I don't think your picture looks bad at all. It looks very tasty to me!
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The Duo Dishes

Mmm, cornish hens are yummy. Yum yum. The story behind it is great too. It's awesome to hear the stories behind some dishes. Good eats!


Wow this looks and sounds so amazing! Great pic!


I love this kind of food rich and filling as well as light and delicious ..well done. :) xxx

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