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April 29, 2009


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I love polka dots. This is wonderful girl. I love it so much!!!

Kitchen M

How cute!

Tangled Noodle

This is gorgeous! It came out so perfectly - my cheesecakes (I haven't made one in at least 5 years) tasted good but always LOOKED obviously homemade. Thanks for the all the tips, especially about baking in a water bath rather just popping the pan straight into the oven. Is that what helps it from cracking (my biggest cheesecake issue). Outstanding!


YUM! I'm glad it was a success. I love the polka dots.


Love the polka dots!


That's one awesome looking cheesecake! You did a fantastic job, HOLLA! LOL, couldn't help myself!

Btw, it took me reading the post twice before I got the second reason for "late". My mind went somewhere else and couldn't get passed you're being late.


your cheesecake looks awesome!


The polka dots are so original! I love it! Great job!


This is so cute Teanna! Love the Alice in Wonderland reference.


Fabulous, what a beautiful interpretation! And the Mad Hatter & Alice would be honoured to have it at their tea party!


I've done zebra cheesecakes before, but never a polka dot cheesecake! I LOVE IT! It's so artsy and cute - and you executed it perfectly. Great job, and lovely blog :)

Jenny Tan

I love your story about your 'encounter' with cheesecake! And I would LOVE to live in your imaginary country too! Such a adorable cheesecake! :)


Lovely cheesecake, lovely blog and lovely post! I'm putting you on my favourites now. Thanks for sharing how to make the polka dots, I've been wanting to do it. Great job!


Polka dots! Our DB cheesecake didn't look nearly as nice, but it tasted pretty good.


I'm over a month late in commenting, but this looks so adorable! I'm glad the recipe was such a hit.

Jenny of JennyBakes

Bob - Cheesecake Recipes

That is a great looking cheesecake, I hope to have time later this week to bake it. Is there a healthier alternative to using regular cheesecake?

Bob - Cheesecake Recipes

This is an amazing looking cheesecake, I hope to have time later this week to bake it! Do you know of a healthier alternative to regular cheesecake?


I read this after 1 year u posted it. Thank you for your passion. I will make it next week for my friend bday. Cant wait for the result.....

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Wow - that looks wonderful! It's absolutely beautiful and sounds delicious, too. Good job on this one!

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