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April 29, 2009


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That's so neat. I love the name of this. Well done on this cheesecake. It was worth the wait!


Wow! Making a polka-dotted cheesecake would make sweat fall from my brow! ;-) This DB challenge was the first time I've ever made a cheesecake, so I think I'll get a little more practice in before attempted this beautiful technique...

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wow - that looks wonderful! It's absolutely beautiful and sounds delicious, too. Good job on this one!


That is such a great cheesecake. I was so interested in how you achieved perfect chocolate polka dots inside of the cheesecake. It looks absolutely amazing -- I'd really like to try making this sometime.

Lori @ RecipeGirl

It's darling! I love it. I'll definitely be trying this one out one of these days. I'm a humongous cheesecake fan. It must have taken some experimenting on Maida's part to figure out how to do polka dots without them blending in!!


I love the polka dots! Too cute!


What a great post. I still get baking stage fright all the time. Congrats on your success. Btw, I'm totally down with the boozy dot scenario.


I've seen a couple of polka dotted cheesecakes for this challenge, but no one explained the process as well as you did here. It actually sounds do-able and fun! :)

Great looking cheesecake.


Fantastic! I LOVE the polka dots! Thanks for posting this recipe so we can all make cute polka dot cheesecake!

Reluctant Gourmet

I really enjoy cheese cake; this sounds wonderful. It will please the chocolate cheesecake lovers as well as the plain cheesecake lovers!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

The polka dots are adorable and the cheesecake sounds super delicious! excellent!


I do believe my next cheesecake should be a polka dot one. Thanks for the great process info. I stumbled it!


We want a polka dot cheesecake right away! What a fun idea. Thanks from Santa Barbara, s



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Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

I honestly can't wait to try this recipe. Might even convert my hubby to a cheesecake lover!


When I looked at the title of your post and the photo, I thought the exact same thing about the Mad Hatter! Too funny. I just love the writing style on your blog :)Plus this cheesecake looks delicious!


I've made Maida'a polka dot cheesecake before, and it's so amazing how it works so easily! Yours looks great!


lovely cheese cake wonderfull, please pwiity puease I want a slice .. :) xx


I made Maida's polka dot cheesecake a few months ago - it was AWESOME! Next I want to try the bull's eye cheesecake.

Congrats for not breaking a sweat while making this - it came out perfect.


I've never seen a polka dot cheesecake before - very impressive! And with your rave reviews, I don't think I have a choice but to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing!

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