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April 15, 2009


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Looks like it was a lot of fun!!! Your cupcakes all look so yummy :)


It looks like so much fun! I'm in DC and I definitely want to join in this summer.


This looks like so much fun. I'm so mad I missed it. Your cupcakes were some of the best looking there.


Your description is awesome - I totally felt like I was there (it makes me want cupcakes, and miss NY!) This looks like such a fun event. Wish I still lived in DC, I'd be all over cupcake camp. Look forward to following your Twitter updates on it!


What a fun event! I wish I could come to DC for your next one. Sorry the smore's weren't your favorite. They look super cute!

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks like so much fun! So many tasty treats and lots of great new ideas!


DOMO! OMG. I love Domo. Those cupcakes are cool. Cupcake Camp sounds like a blast. Your cupcakes look great. I love the s'mores ones, too bad the taste was not to your liking.


We need one in Philadelphia!

The Duo Dishes

And we need one in LA too! I thought we were one of the country's cupcake capitals!


OMG - I wanna go to a Camp Cupcake! This looks like so much fun.


thanks for these photos. looks like a lot of fun.

Sugar B

I baked cupcakes for Cupcake Camp in SF and it was a mad house. Everyone was fighting and pulling hair for a free cupcake.

Ghetto cupcake fabulous.

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This looks like so much fun. I'm so mad I missed it. Your cupcakes were some of the best looking there.

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