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April 10, 2009


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I haven't experimented too much with making Indian dishes but this looks like one I could enjoy if I toned down the spices a bit (I'm SUCH a wimp when it comes to spicy foods)! Thanks for sharing :)


yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM! yes, indian food is phenomenal. your chicken looks delicious! i made a chicken curry too, to go with the rajma on my blog--i'll be posting that soon.

and that roti recipe you linked too! i'm trying that one for sure. it looks wonderful in your pic.


Wow, that sounds fabulous! I absolutely adore Indian - all the spices and complexity are just wonderful. Thanks for linking to the roti recipe; I've always wanted to try making them!


WOW this looks like an awesome meal! I've never made my own roti but may have to try. :)


I love Indian food! I love homemade roti too. YUM. It all looks great. I hope you are completely recovered.


I'm not a fan of spice but my BF is. This looks like something he would love

Sugar B

What about "Curry Chicken Recipe Serves Me"?


Oh my , that sounds wonderful!! I love all of those spices.

Hope you're feeling better!

Reesa M

I think you mean chicken not beef lol. This sounds like a fabulous recipe and I'll be trying that homemade roti with curry tofu and potatoes:-)


I love Indian food, but I have never attempted to make my own but now I might! Hope you feel better!


oh I am envious right now... this looks amazing. I adore Indian food.

great post


homemade roti? did you say homemade roti? man, I want some...=(

Tangled Noodle

Great recipe! I love curry but usually wait until I dine out to order it; if I make it at home, I have to rely on those packaged seasoning mixes. I love this because I recognize almost all the ingredients as something I already have!


I am going to try this version. Sounds good! by the way you have chicken as an ingredient but in the directions you are referring to beef. Thought I would let you know so people do not get confused!

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and that roti recipe you linked too! i'm trying that one for sure. it looks wonderful in your pic.

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