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April 02, 2009


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Ok, those look incredible! I love those rectangle tarts - what pans did you use for those? I am copying this for a late spring tart fest (my own)! Everything looks so delicious - love the presentation, shapes and textures!

Sugar B

Break me off a piece of that! ;)


These are so elegant and simple. Now I want to get my hands on that book.


I'm basically jealous of everything: the tarts, the tart pans, the presentation. I am so impressed!


I agree with jessica your presentation is very nice!


Wow, great job! They look so elegant!


Wow they look great! The homemade graham cracker crust sounds amazing.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

These tarts look delicious and beautifully presented here!

Heather Peskin

These tarts are exquisite. I'm getting completely hooked on making tarts lately and have just spent quite a few dollars on some mini tartlet pans. I just love your pastry cream recipe and am going to try it.


These look and sound divine!


This sounds delicious, and it's so pretty!


The tart shells look so crunchy.
So interested in trying out the kumquat compote, too.

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Wow, great job! They look so elegant!

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