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March 10, 2009


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LOL! I like your revisions. I wish I'd thought of them! I was totally drinking the hater-ade this week, unfortunately. And it's funny you ask what p&q stands for because I've been perplexed on that since I joined the group... and I actually saw on someone's post RIGHT before I read yours where they referred to it as problems and questions... so there you have it!


I love the blueberry lemon combo. One of my favorite desserts has an oatmeal crust and lemon cream sprinkled with blueberries.

Now you just need to give lessons in clafoutis pronunciation! (Don't you hate that, when you see a word online quite a bit but don't know how to pronounce it! I tend to say it, in my head, a different way each time!)


I may have mad this if I'd thought of adding Grand Marnier! Your site is SO cute. The cartoon picture is the best!

Heather Peskin

Most enjoyable blog entry! The custard looks delicious - just the right texture. Please stop by my blog to receive an award.

The Duo Dishes

Great look to the site. Wonderful makeover! Your recipe sounds really good. Liquor in anything makes it better. Duh! :)


There are so many interesting additions and substitutions here, you've really created a brand new dish. Great job! I wonder if anyone tried bacon..... I made vanilla custard (instead of lemon) and slathered chocolate ganache on top. Not bad at all!


Love the new layout!

And your revamp sounds awesome. I did enjoy this recipe but it also required some changes. Way too bland for my taste without them. (Sorry, Dorie).

Amber Marie

Ooh, blueberries - great addition! Clafoutis is a funny word :)


I'm going to have to try this one again with the juice of the lemon. I was afraid that would make it do cottage cheesy type things, but now I have to try it. Your photos are amazing!


Great alterations!

Matt's Kitchen

Another adventurous adaptation! Very ingenious of you to transform poopy to popular!


Way to go. Sounds like a good overhaul job. Do ya have any left? ha ha. Great Post too.


Yep...I was one of the scared one, so I just made lemon cakes, instead. Your little custards look LUSCIOUS with those berries! Fabulous job.


I'm so glad you liked this! Yours does look delicious! Your post had me laughing :) Can't wait to see how you jazz up next week's recipe!

P.s. Love your new layout!!


I'm glad someone liked it! It looks great with the blueberries!


OMG, you did such a great great great job! I so want to try your method. Once again, you delivered another great post. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.

Sugar B

I love the blog make-over, girlfriend. Love it!

Anyway, yeah, I think you and I are the only people who actually liked this custard. I thought it was downright delicious, but I used that lemon extract. Some people didn't and it ended up being BLAND.

Oh well.

I'll check back again! XOXO


Wow, you really rose to the occasion, taking a questionable dessert and making it your own, awesome treat. It looks fantastic! The blueberries.... yum!


Hahahaha, clafoutis....a disease, hilarious :)

The blueberries in it look great, so glad you liked it :)


I love your post! You always crack me up. And your food looks so lovely. Love the hater-ade!!

Thanks for visiting my little blog too;)

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