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March 17, 2009


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I love your dog Teanna! And the orange and lemon sound scrumptious together. Wasn't this a great cake?


Sounds so delicious with the mousse and marmalade glaze!


Um, hello--YUM!!!! Love the mousse-y inside! Makes me want to get the half of orange one I made out of the freezer-now! I'm saving it for Thurs., but we'll see if it makes it til then! ;)


Great job, looks lovely!


That orange mousse filling sounds so good! Your photos are gorgeous - everything looks delicious.


Great looking cake! YOur dog is to cute!

The Barb

Oh, YUM. Yes, yes YES to the orange mousse.



Biting into a big cloud of orange mousse sounds delightful! Your loaf is perfect, such great colour!


Wow, you were so creative with this one! Nice job. Poor Remy....did she get a little taste of the cake later?


What a great idea to add a filling! They look delicious!

BTW, I love the graphics at the top of your blog. Did you design that? It's great!

Heather Peskin

Loaf cake and muffins look absolutely beautiful! Did Remy get a little bit, even just a tiny little bit?

Heather B

Great job on your cake! Love your Remy...so cute!


Your dog is cute! She looks like she wants to devour this cake. Glad you liked it, it looks pretty!


I never heard of orange mousse, but I have to think that someone's made it before. Your filled muffins look delicious!


I love your cake both ways, just like I knew that I would. I can't get my mind off that orange cream . . . or afternoon delight, for that matter. YES, this is like biting into springtime EXACTLY.


I love the pic of the loaf cake - beautiful!

And the mousse sounds fantastic!


Yum, the orange mousse sounds AWESOME! Your dog is adorable. And I definitely recommend getting a Weimaraner. Just be prepared to exercise a lot and hide your baked goods: they are energetic and voracious eaters.


Love the sound of the cupcakes filled with orange mousse! I'll be making this again very soon too.


LOVE the filling... what a great idea. And orange - such a nice change / addition to lemon. The all look delicious. This was a nice "tea" cake - but I can't wait to make those boozy cupcakes of yours.
Nicely done!


Your cake and muffins look so yummy! I would love to try that orange mousse because it looks delicious... ultimately refreshing I bet!

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