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March 17, 2009


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The cake with the glaze looks gorgeous!!

Judy (Judy's Gross Eats)

What a great idea to add the mousse filling. Sign me up for that! Love your pooch, too!


What a fabulous idea to fill the cupcakes, yum!! I LOVED this cake, it smelled so good while cooking and tasted wonderful :) I paired it with simple lemon curd. YUM!


Nice job this week. I love that you filled it with orange mousse! I bet that took it over the top. I also love the photo of your dog, too cute!


Wow...you outdid yourself this week and we are the beneficiaries! All these lovely new ideas to play with...orange mousse, who knew...I thought it only came in chocolate! Your photos are outstanding...congrats on such a great post. And, those French gods...I so love all of them! LOL! Too funny.

Nancy (n.o.e.)

First, I LOVE your dog. My Aussies would be very jealous if they thought yours got a taste of that cake!

Second, both of your versions look amazing. That orange cream takes this recipe over the top.

Third, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. I hadn't thought of it in years. With any luck, once it gets unstuck, maybe it'll stay away for a few more years!!

Great job!


Ooh your orange mousse sounds deeeelish!!! Hmm, i wonder if i have enough eggs to make some :)
Good job!


I like that description: biting into springtime. Yay for Spring. They look great and making muffins is brilliant!

Michelle from Baken

Orange mouse sounds lovely. Wasn't this recipe awesome? There are so many fun ways to play around with it!


Orange mousse dsounds amazing! Your Remy is adorable.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Great job on this cake - it looks awesome!

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Oooh great idea with the orange mousse...I bet that was awesome! It all looks great!


YUM! What a beautiful cake!


ooh i love the cupcakes!! the filling sounds delicious, even if it's not really "mousse", and i'm not actually sure of the difference ;)


Yum and yum. The muffins look perfect.

Sugar B

The French Gods sung to me, too! What a coincidence!

I just shared my cake with the co workers (they are forced to contribute money, nothing is free anymore, esp. during the recession) and they immensely enjoyed it.

Hells to the Yeah it was good.

Yours look really tasty and orange you glad you made it!?

You know you love my cheesiness. Admit it! :)

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

Pretty pics, Teanna!! :) Love the filling!


Ha, I was going to suggest using a lemon mousse...nevermind. :) Anyway...those cupcakes look SOOO SOO good. At first glance I thought you made them into a twinkie (you know b/c this is a pound cake). hmm..may have to try. Wonderful idea to change these up!!


Both versions look gorgeous. I love the muffins with the orange mousse, er... cream. It sounds very delicious.

I think French gods would be holding a wine glass, smoking, and a whisk at the same time making it all look effortlessly.


I love how you incorporated the orange with the lemon....citrus heaven :)
the dog picture says it all!

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