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March 31, 2009


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Way to keep at it! :) Your mini tart shells are really cute and it sounds like they were delicious so you definitely succeeded in the end.


Bravo! I thought these were just about the most ugliest things I have ever made. I couldn't (and didn't have time) to think of any other way to make these look edible. I LOVE your shells - so creative - AND delicious looking too!!! I made 3 different flavored batches too - and had a hard time detecting coconut flavor! Very nicely done this week!

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

They look delicious - looks like your hard work paid off! They would be great for Easter with the coconut and lime.


I love your mini tartshells, how creative. They look soooo cute!


I am so impressed with your ability to take these little square cookies and turn them into beautiful tarts! They look absolutely perfect and I love the pretty green lime zest on top!


Oh for the love of pete... look at what you did! Mini tarts? You have endless mad skillz!
Nice job!


Your tarts are amazing! I bet tasty too. I'm with you on having to go to the gym more. I ate the entire batch of cookies last night in one sitting. Glad I only made half a batch!!! :)


Love the tart shells, you are a genius! They look so cute and so tasty!! Great job like always!


Sounds fantastic with the ice cream!


Very impressive! I read a cookie recipe and think "cookie" but you think "tart shell." Way to go for making these into the success you imagined.


Wow! These are indeed fabulous! Great job :)


superbe idée de se servir de la pâte pour des tartelettes ! c'est génial :)


Great looking tarts! Im not sure I could have got the dough to do that. My dough was rather firm when it came out of the fridge.
Oh gosh you filled them with that luscious looking ice cream too, that's it Im coming over!!


I'm blown away by your tarts, Teanna. But I am glad that you tasted all of the cookies first, just to make sure that the flavor that you were looking for wasn't there. I would have done the same thing -- you can't be too careful. I think you've created one stunning dessert!


oh gosh.. you're a geniuS!!! and those tart shell cookies.. look absolutely fantabulous with that generous topping of ice cream. Wonderful!


Great job in turning them around!! I'm going to have to try this again darn it!


Oh. My. God. Im DROOOOOOLING on my keypad right now. These are fantabulous! :)

Kelly D

I think you stumbled upon the perfect use for these cookies...as a vehicle for something else. I had the same reaction as your first one. Where is the flavor? Great job.


Awesome! And I want some of that ice cream. Mmmm!


I had the same experience with my first two tries. Maybe I should have tried a third attempt because yours ended up beautiful! or was that fantabulous?!

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