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March 25, 2009


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This looks like such a lovely potpourri of flavors. A perfect dish to welcome spring :)


Too bad we are still getting snow! I am so sick of winter! Thanks for the Spring salad, hopefully it will help:)


OMG I would hootie-hoo like there was no tomorrow if I saw Carla - I wish she had won too!

Gorgeous photo. Recipe looks delicious - I love anchovies!


I loved Carla! I hope spring gets here soon. That salad does look wonderful.

The Duo Dishes

Asparagus are popping up everywhere, and we love it. Great presentation!


I love this! And I feel like I need to mention the fact that you have a sirloin cooked to perfection there. That is a feat - whether you or the BF did it, I don't know.

If I saw Carla, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from screaming hootie hoo at her.


I've got major spring fever, the kind that makes me want to shirk all of my responsibilities and just sit outside with a fruity drink and a lovely spring salad with two sauces. So thanks for hooking me up with the latter!


I loved Dale. He was my favorite on that season. Just because he reminded of a good friend Lael. They look just like each other, act the same, and even their names rhyme. How cool that you see Carla! You should go up to her. I'm sure she would appreciate it.


Great looking dish! I loved Dale's food, he was unfairly underrated.

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