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March 18, 2009


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Those are a "must make"!!! I would much rather have made those for today than cake with yogurt. :)

I'm copying (stealing) the recipe now... thanks - they look absoultely fantastic, like you stayed up all night making them. :)


Woo hoo -- party cupcakes!! Honestly, I got tired just reading about your college retrospective. It all sounds so very familiar, and I can't believe I lived through it. These cupcakes are about as wild and crazy as I'll be able to muster these days. But with as incredible as these look, that should be enough!

The Duo Dishes

Say it with us, short and staccato: Mm. And of course anything that tastes like liquor is right down our alley!


Great way to remember the good old days:) The cupcakes look great!


Long live the glory days!

Sadly, my college days were NOTHING like yours, so eat another cupcake just for me!


I've never tried that drink. I must be too old, and it hadn't been invented way back when I was in college. The cupcakes look delicious though!


Those look wonderful. Although I have my fair share of stories involving alcohol from college (and even as recently as last year), I never had an Irish Car Bomb.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Whiskey and bear, wow! The cupcakes look just heavenly!


The whiskey is so appropriate, as all the irish car bomb's i've had include a shot of jameson in the guiness before you drop the bailey's. Special!

Amber Marie

These look amazing! The Bailey's frosting sounds irresistible, and they definitely take me back to a few snowy Syracuse memories of my own :)

Tangled Noodle

"Cupcakes with an Edge" - that's all I need to know! The second photo of the half-cupcake is a winner! No more needs to be said.


Wow, they sure look good! I'll bet they taste delicious too.

I made a chocolate stout cake and was pleasantly surprised at the depth of flavor.


Holy Moly! Could these look any better? :)


Great way to have your drink and eat it, too. I love reading your posts.


hilarious post...ahhh, those college days and inappropriately named drinks!

these look delicious!


This is such a funny post. I feel your pain too at the ripe old age of 28. The cupcakes look great though and I have had them bookmarked since I saw them on SK. Thanks for reminding me!

Michael Gilmore

Wow! Reading through this recipes has resurrected my interest in cupcakes. I had given up on them (ate too many cupcakes that tasted like cake) until recently when a friend persuaded me to checkout a new Cupcake shop here in town. Still needed some convincing. Seeing this recipe was all I needed. I'll give this one a try and see how it comes out. BTW, your blog looks great.


Isn't that heavy with 2 kinds of alcohol?

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