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March 09, 2009


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Too funny! If I forget to take a picture of something before I leave the house I generally won't take one because I feel silly making everyone wait while I try to get the perfect photo! For what it's worth, your brownies look amazing :)


These brownies look sinfully good. Wish I had been at the barbecue to have one!


Oh. My. Gosh!! These look heavenly!


Totally with you on the photo ops... I've missed many a Thanksgiving turkey cuz I won't inconvenience a whole house of people for my "hobby" :) That said, these brownies look absolutely divine. Anything with marscapone, though... srsly.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Those brownies look just heavenly!


Ooh...I love mascarpone and I love brownies. I'm sure those brownies were amazing.


Wow, those brownies look delightful.

Sweet Freak

You had me mascarpone. Wait, you had me at chocolate. But chocolate mascarpone brownies?! Mon dieu...


Yowza - those look so wonderful.


Yum! There's a recipe for chocolate mascarpone cake in the April issue of Bon Appetite but these look like they're just as good but not as much work! I'm making these on Sunday! Thanks!


You had me at mascarpone, they look great, all yummy and fudgy. I'm always taking pictures of food and even though I try to be covert I always get caught and people never understand why.


This looks fantastic, but ounces and cups...i must "translate" this first...in grams! :D


(my "red one" arrived yesterday! soooo in love...)

phoenix limo

My children will surely love it.

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