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February 17, 2009


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Oh my, your cake looks amazing! You're right, this cake definitely is well named! I made cupcakes and gave some away but ate more than I should.


Your cake looks great, very tasty!!


You're funny, even when you say you're not!

Love the cake! Looks fab! That frosting looks Fluf-fy! nice!


The cake looks gorgeous. Hopefully you can find someone to help you eat it. =)


Your cake looks amazing, glad you loved it!


Ha Ha Teanna....I still laughed even if you are trying to increase traffic. BTW what's your secret weapon? Great job on the "cake art." I think your last photo looks beautiful and don't worry about those coworkers. Its a free country, at least the last time I checked. Those calories the "enjoy" are so totally worth it.
thanks for your nice comments and yes I love living on the edge.


My husband put a cheesy baking line on my Valentine's Day card that cannot be repeated. I think your BF's line is smoooooooth. Oh, and I hope that you don't abandon your witty post titles! Maybe you can use them as subheadings? Your cake looks incredible. I'd have to rush it out of the house too!


What a great cake. It looks so moist! My favorite part was smashing the cake crumbs on!


You did such a great job.

Your boyfriend is so sweet.


Your photos look great, Teanna! Why did I have the same problem writing my post? I couldn't think of a single witty thing to say about this cake. Oh well, there's always next week!


The layering looks great. Nice job. This TWD thing is like that commercial for weight watchers where the furry hunger monster keeps popping up with donuts and cookies all day throwing them at people and dancing around.


I love the thickness of your frosting! It looks so nice and billowy.


Your cake looks fantastic, well done :)


This looks just lovely! Nice!

Sugar B

I am butt-ass old because I can remember typewriters. Briefly, but I still remember them!

I am also dieting (going to South Beach in April) and this cake will be my downfall, I know it. But I don't care . . . I will make it tonight!

I love that bottom pic . . . it wants to climb out and hop on my hip. ;)

Kelly D

This cake forced me to grill tofu for dinner but it was worth it. I liked the frosting but I think I have a high tolerance for sweet the way some people have a high tolerance for the hooch.


Your cake looks great ! I've been avoiding my scale since a very (too) long time !!I bet your colleagues gained some weight !!

Nancy (n.o.e.)

So funny! I wrote about typewriters on my post, too. But I actually made it all the way through law school using the things. My daughter found my old typewriter and was enchanted, I tell you. This cake is sitting in my fridge calling to me. Totally evil.


You haven't lost your touch --- you still make me laugh! Beautiful job on the cake!!


I really, really should have sent the leftovers of this cake to work with my husband, as the remains are calling my name... And I haven't done 90 minutes on the treadmill! (I guess I'll have to add that to my "to do" list, 1. Don't eat cake. 2. Exercise. 3. If I do eat cake, exercise MORE.

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