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February 05, 2009


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Nutella is my life!!!!

Have you seen those little travel size packets of Nutella? They are amazing... I pop them in my purse wherever I go, just in case i need a little Nutella lovin'!


Those are some yummy sounding recipes. I've made the cupcakes and they are delicious! (of course, how could anything made with Nutella not be delicious?)


After seeing the giant vat of Nutella on the shelf, I told myself, "This is why I did not move to Europe sooner."

I love it with crepes. Excuse me why I go to the kitchen now.


I KNEW there was a deeper reason to explain why we get along so well. I am a Nutella connoisseur, you could say, and I've consumed more of this amazing substance in a quarter-of-a-century than is probably healthy for someone to consume in two lifetimes. We should have a Nutella party sometime :)

Elizabeth - Cake or Death?

WHAT?! How did I miss World Nutella Day?! I should have been celebrating all day and stuffing my face with Nutella. I guess I'll just have to continue the celebration tomorrow...


I have to try some of those recipes..yum!

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I pop them in my purse wherever I go, just in case i need a little Nutella lovin'!

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