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February 24, 2009


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Jin Hooi

OMG .. the ice cream looks sinfully delicious !!! and u r real funny !!! Your bars look great, well done !!


oh no. now I have to make ice cream. in the WINTER...all thanks to YOU.
way to go.
(nice job!)


Oh my gosh, that ice cream sounds great! Your posts always crack me up - thanks for the laughs this morning.


Now you have gone and done it. You are making me want ice cream for breakfast. It is still early and yet here I am drooling over your ice cream. Forget the toffee bars. Lebovitz must have some great ice cream techniques. I keep hearing about him.


That ice cream looks absolutely divine. I love the picture of the bowl of ice cream with the crunch bar nestled in the corner -- yum!


These look perfect, nice job! Mine were a bit crisp, but still tasty :)

Madam Chow

Yes, this post is TOTALLY about ice cream. I completely lost track of what we were baking this week when I read it, and now I want ice cream! Unfortunately, my cholesterol came back too high and ice cream is off limits for now. Sigh.


Very cool. I've wanted to make that ice cream for a while. And head explodingly good sounds like something I can't put off much longer.


I love fro yo too!! It is the perfect treat! But WOW, look at this dessert!! AMAZING! I am a toffee and chocolate fanatic too! Great job!!


Nice job!!! Love your write up :)


I like chocolate and anything else too. You totally caught my interest with this ice cream. Sounds fabulous!


Wow, this looks great. Well done on making the ice cream too, its sounds delicious! Btw, great blog :)


Great looking bars and I like the icecream too. Im going to look into getting some of that stuff!


I need to make this salted butter caramel ice cream. I'm indiscriminate in my ice cream love. YUM!

Ice cream made the caramel crunch bars in my opinion.


Ah ha ha ha ha! As far as frozen yogurt goes, the kids and I LIVED on Golden Spoon last summer. I swear, I needed a pie chart to show the budget because certain funds were needed to sustain our habit. I wish I could make it myself!

Sorry, I got distracted there thinking about it. Awesome looking dessert. I feel the need to bike another 3 miles just looking at it!


I love Dave Lebovitz's recipes and love salted caramel (heck, ANY caramel!) so I'll have to make that icecream.
Now, to concentrate on work, instead of drooling over your bar/icecream combo is going to be so difficult!


It just looks fabulous.

I must make this ice cream.


Wow! Just looking I think my head might explode in my brain. Love the whole sock sandwich scenerio!

Kelly D

That ice cream looks too good for a Tuesday afternoon in front of my computer. You should try the chocolate sorbet recipe in BFMHTY. It is not like regular sorbet. Far superior.


You crack me up...Your blog is always entertaining....a sock sandwich.

You had me at caramel.:)

I saw the ice cream and think I might have passed out.....

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