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February 24, 2009


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Oh, that last picture is almost more than I can stand. **SIGH** Heavenly!!!


Over the Top this week, absolutely over the top...both the bars and the ice cream. Loved your post...fun to hear that you have a weakness...or two, or three! NYC in 6 months...so jealous. Great job, great post!


Your ice cream looks so good, these really are perfect for eating in sundae form.


See, now you're making me sad. Because I was just in New York City, and I had Pink Berry. And I loved it. But then I was walking down the road and I saw Tasti-D-Lite and I had heard good things, but it wasn't in my budget to have budget twice that day. Man! Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds! :p

Anyway, I agree, this recipe was amazing. Head-brain-explosion amazing.


I mean, it wasn't in my budget to have *frozen yogurt* twice that day.

Sugar B

Holy crap that looks good.


I do love David Lebovitz and have yet to post about his Perfect Scoop recipes.

Brain explosions... I can almost see the television broadcast as you are removed from your home unconscious, dribbles of Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream dripping from the corner of your mouth: "Tonight at six. Brain explosion. Terrorist plot or sheer and utter hedonism?" Then of course, the interviews with the neighbors: "She was such a sweet and quiet girl. Who could have known?"


Oh my gosh you totally crack me up! I am always peeing my pants...er..I mean...I was excited about this recipe too!

I love to read your posts


I think everyone gained 10 pounds just looking at your first photo. WOW - that is one mega-caloric ice cream bar! It's worth it though - aren't these just the best bars? Not too "toffee-ish" tasting - definitely out-of-this-world.


i'm with you--that ice cream is *clearly* the star of the show! salted caramel? mmmmmmmm!

oh, the cookies look good too :) heehee!


Crunch bars, schmunch bars. I am making that ice cream. I accidentally bought myself an ice cream maker right before Christmas (it can happen!) and I haven't taken that baby for a test drive yet. I am going to christen it with this ice cream.


That salted butter caramel ice cream is incredible. I'd never made it before, and there's a point in the cooking where the whole custard just seizes up and looks like it's going to be ruined, but it comes back together and the final product is AMAZING. I can hardly comment on the bars because they were so completely covered in ice cream!


Ooh, that ice cream sounds fantastic. I'm bookmarking the recipe right now. And it looks great with your crunch bars. Mmm....


Oh my! That ice cream looks incredibly delicious. The bars look good, too of course. Nice job!

Carol Peterman

I can't imagine a better match for these cookies than Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream!


that Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream is my favrite recipe! possibly ever.


I am with you, Teanna. I love chocolate with anything and everything. I have never tried Tasti-D-Lite, but it sounds amazing. Wonderfully done. I really enjoy reading your posts.


oh man... just the name of that ice cream is ridiculously droolworthy!! you know, i've lived in nyc for 6 years now and have never tried tasti-d-lite. i think i knew it would be too addictive if i ever started eating it ;)


The bars with ice cream is definitely the way to go. And such an ice cream you are recommending!! Wow! Great photos!


Oh, yes, I've made that ice cream, it is so fabulous! I'm sure it would have helped my poor little bars if I had made some to go along. Wish I'd thought of it. :)

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