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January 13, 2009


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Welcome back! You certainly are starting off a little corny, but that's the best. BTW, you're missing out, as these muffins are pretty spectacular.


My boyfriend is headed to PR this weekend and sadly enough, I have to miss the trip. Although your post made me feel a little bit better about it. Also, I just have to laugh because I would probably miss the caffeine and alcohol the most too (definitely the caffeine, I love my morning coffee). Props to you for your willpower and dedication. Jeans are a powerful motivator, aren't they?


What will power you have not to even try these!


Glad you are back! Even though I would much rather be in PR! It's cold here!
Your muffins look great! I didn't make mine... so im enjoying looking at everyone elses.

Madam Chow

I make it to the gym about 4 days a week. I know I have to increase it if I continue with TWD!


Bake and NOT eat. Ah, the depths we fall too after too much imbibing. Your muffins look yummy. Perfect with the chili, and trust me, they WERE good.


Welcome back! The muffins look great. I love the title of your blog- my 3 year old can't say S+consonant so she says "foon" for spoon.


You have such willpower! Everythingn looks wonderful, including that chili! Nice to have you back. Congrats on the weight control!


7 pounds - that sounds like my usual vacations! Glad you are back, your muffins look great!


Oh you will be back to your little skinny self in know time! TWD really is a scarey thing with the weight and all! YOur muffins look yummy.


Rock on girl! Congrats for peeling off those pounds so quickly. But yeah, alcohol and caffeine, I'd miss those the most too!


Welcome back! Good for you losing your vacation weight. I'm trying to lose the last 2 lbs from my vacation and for some reason they don't want to leave!

Your muffins look great!


Welcome Back! You muffins look great! I am trying to drop a few pounds and TwD may kill me! ;)


I don't know where you are....probably sunny CA, but here in cold Mid-MO its about 17 degrees, I know, its relative. Colder farther north than here. PR definitely sound wonderful today. Loved your funny story. LOL Cracked me up with all the things you couldn't eat. I'd starve! Anyway, you are a better woman than me. I just get hungry. Good for the boyfriend though. Great work on the quick loss. Amazing and thanks for the info on Mofongo. We thaw in Mexico, Playa del Carmen for spring break so I love the food there. we have to dig around to get real Mayan food or even Mexican. So I love Latin flavors. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for visiting


Welcome back.

We just loved these muffins


I need your willpower! I want to lose 12 pounds before August. I can do it, if I glue my lips shut. ;)

Welcome back!

steph (whisk/spoon)

how were you able to resist? they look great!


Glad you are back! Sounds like you have everything under control. Splurging is worth it!! The muffins look super corny and super good!


Great looking muffins. And YOU GO, Girl, losing those holiday pounds already!-

April B

Pork cracklings? *faints*

Sounds like you're doing a kickass job of conquering the 7 lbs.

Sorry you didn't actually get to taste your muffins, but they look delicious!

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