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December 16, 2008


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April B

I was kind of feeling like mine were too plain and not very flavorful, kind of like your second batch. I'll have to try making them your way.


Huh, I wonder if that's why some people's spread and others didn't. Overmixing making a better cookie? I'm not going to complain!


It sounds like your mistake resulted in a better cookie -- why can't that ever happen to me? I like Dorie even more after reading that Slate article. Your cookies look great!


I love the scotch story!!! Terrific!

Yum yum cookies! Raspberry preserves are the best!


Well, they look really tasty and buttery and good...I would count them a success...goodness always equals success, right? Your posts are such fun...I can't even picture your father, you are such fun.


Okay icing them would be surpassing Dorie's goodness. Much better.


Im glad you liked these cookies. I used grape jam in mine and my girls loved them piled high with vanilla frosting!


We liked them around here. Just lightly sweet and I used some thick Apricot preserves. If you like Apricot it was pretty delish. I sort of thought of them as lighter little biscut cookies, good with coffee or tea. Have a Merry Christmas


Your cookies look great and sound yummy!

My mother always insisted that we leave santa a glass of wine and a cornish hen. He would, afterall, get sick after munching on all those cookies without eating a proper meal!


good for you that you tried a second time! I'm sure they tasted good both times. I really liked them.


ha ha ha ha - they should be called "the two faces of cookies". Those are polar opposites - but it sounds like you enjoyed the first batch more.

Sugar B

I am assuming the second batch is for me? Thanks. :P

Kelly D

I thought more jam sounded like a great idea. Now I know it was. Early Christmas for you.


Congrats on doing something better than Dorie! Your lemon glaze sounds awesome.


When I first saw your post title, I thought you were going out of order and making the butterscotch pudding a week early. I can't wait to see what you have to say about that after your scotch story. =) I like the looks of your first batch--I liked these cookies, but thought they could use more jam.


ok...first of all, great job! i'm so glad you tried them both ways...and that you found a new version that you love! your cookies look fantastic--both versions.

second of all, i wonder if i did what you did--my cookies defintely came out more "muffiny" and they were also on the very sweet side. hmmm. i didn't even pay attention to the curdling aspect, but after reading your post, i wonder if that was it.

thanks for the link to the slate article. fun stuff!


Love your story about your dad! :)


hahaha...sounds like you messed up and ended up w/a superior cookie!


Isn't it great when you make a "mistake" and it's actually an improvement on the recipe?? I would have LOVED it if mine turned out like muffin tops (but maybe I would have eaten more of them...)


My Santa wanted beer and carrot sticks. I had to leave the cap on the beer too. (stubby, back then)
So happy your cookies turned out, hooray for happy accidents!

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