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December 04, 2008


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I also struggled with piles of food magazine clippings, random internet bookmarks, etc. I now try to keep everything on delicious.com - there is a handy toolbar button so if you are looking at a recipe online, you just "tag" it and it saves it to your account, and you can tag it any way you like. I rip stuff out of my magazines before I recycle them, go to their respective websites, and file them on delicious as well. This works for me (so far)...although I have 587 items saved, at least they're not taking up space!


i use google notebook, kind of the same concept as del.ici.ous :) next step: scanning recipes that i rip out of magazines... not quite there yet. good luck getting rid of the clutter!


i know what you mean!! i'm like you--emails all over the place. but for magazine ripouts, i stick them in those clear page protectors, and then put them in a big binder that i keep in the kitchen.


Oh girl. Preaching to the choir. haha. Right now I am C/Ping recipes on notepad and printing them out, saving in GR by starring and writing drafts in my blog to remember. Sorry I am not much help but its nice to have someone sympathize with me! GL decluttering. If you get any awesome tips, please share with your fellow clutter-ers, k? :)


All of my clippings go into a big box, only after they are made and worth making a second time do I put them into photo books organized by course. Every once in awhile, I have to go thought the box and throw away recipes that I clipped and know I'll never make. so sad


I had a horrible time with organizing recipes and I fear I won't be much help with your project, except to say, I put all of my recipes in binders by category and found it easier to use them that way. I make a point of going through them regularly and weeding out "junk." Good luck to you and bravo on getting organized!

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