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November 04, 2008


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That caramel sauce has some seriously bad mojo. And I still love the werewolf.


I had so much trouble also - I totally feel your pain. I was up last night too. Eh, some weeks with TwD just turn out that way :)


From a Jew to a fellow baker: you cannot get kicked out of the club for (admittedly) funny looking rugelach. You get kicked out if you a) don't know what rugelach is, b) can't pronounce the "ch", or c) buy a bag of arugula and call it a Jewish Pastry Salad.

Otherwise, you're still honorary chosen. ;)

Lisa magicsprinkles

Chha ha ha llllah - rolls off the uvula like Mt. Wannahockalugie in Finding Nemo. Mine looked like bad but tasted like good like yours did.


You are so cute in your writing. Doesn't matter what it looks like if it tastes good!


Awww! I'm sorry you had a hard time. At least they tasted good.


I love your posts!! I am sure they taste awesome!


OMG!! Lol... SO funny!! Holla!! They still look like they tasted good!!

Nancy (n.o.e.)

Loved your post! I'm a fellow Catholic who grew up in a very Jewish town. I worked for a Conservative family for years, and kept Kosher there, etc. It seems to me that if you can make killer challah, nobody is going to kick you out for homely rugelach.

And did I see you say you "whipped up" that caramel sauce? That stuff gave me gray hairs.

Elizabeth - Cake or Death?

Hee hee. I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune, but I did enjoy your post and pictures. On the bright side, the flavors sound amazing, and you'll totally be ready to improve on them next time, right??


Girl, you know you overfilled your rugelach...LOL! But the filling sounds divine! I promise you if you go lighter on the fillings next time, they'll turn out just fine. Thanks for the laugh though, as per usual. You may have missed your calling as a comedienne.


Yay! for the Chucky pumpkin! Your combination of flavor for the rugelach sounds de-li-cious! Looks be damned. :)


LOL - I think most people, including me, found this dough difficult to work with. The caramel apple idea is a stunner - I was much less inventive.


Forget about the rugelach. Just remember that amazing challah you made!

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