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November 18, 2008


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Beautiful photograph!


After reading your post, I'm kind of glad I missed this week!


I'm sorry you didn't like it. Your presentation in the champagne flute is beautiful.


LOVE oatmeal, if a bowl is made properly, it's really good. My husband hates it though because of the memories of being served "mush" for breakfast many a time! As for the rice pudding, your tall glass of it looks good, but I can live without it as well.
Great post.


Oh, I couldn't wait to get over here this week as I could tell by comments you left elsewhere that you didn't care for it either...tee hee. I was beginning to feel a little guilty posting what I did this week as I am very much a Dorie Recipe Fan! Very funny post...I won't be making this anytime soon, actually EVER AGAIN. LOL.


You know, not that you mention it, it does have a slightly gross texture.

Sorry you had to suffer through this. Better luck next week!


Yeah...rice pudding is just not my thing either! Thanks for making me smile with this post!


LOL---so tell me how you really feel about rice pudding. ;) although it makes you gag, i'm sure you had many people jonesin' for it with your first photo...great job!


Sorry you didn't like it - but your tall glass is very pretty! My dad would have said "It'll put hair on your chest!" which was not something I was ever interested in as a young girl...

food librarian

LOL! Your post cracks me up. I should have been your sister and eaten your share. I love all of them! But what a trooper to make something you absolutely hate! Great job!


I'm totally with you on this one. I wanted to like it, really, I did. But I just can't get past the texture. Fortunately, my husband was more than willing to eat rice pudding.


Vomit...yuck...Im sure you won't be making this one again!


Vomit...yuck...Im sure you won't be making this one again!


i like the layers in your photo! very cool. um, sorry your gag reflex is kicking in over the pudding :( seems like there are a good amount of people with that same reaction! at least yours turned out properly thick.


hi teanna!

considering you hate rice pudding so much, you did a beautiful job! love the champagne flute.

and yes, you should try Rice to Riches the next time you're in NYC. they've got the best flavor combos...it is some GOOD stuff :)


Kudos for trying it! I would have probably passed had I thought rice pudding was like vomit!

Kelly D

I am with you. Rice pudding is nothing I want to ever see on my plate again. Bring on the real dessert.


You may not have liked it, but your flavour choices and presentation in the champagne flute are impeccable - well done!


You make it look so much nicer than mine, but I clearly enjoyed eating mine more:).
That texture thing- I love tapioca and caviar, too. And Brussels sprouts.

Elizabeth - Cake or Death?

Oh, so sad! I know what you mean about texture, though--I actually hate mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie because they're both too gooey, somehow.

I have high hopes that December's TWD recipes will be more exciting.

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