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October 01, 2008


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They are some blurry photos.
Glad you liked the stew. I agree that the French dishes are subtle. I have been amping up the seasonings a bit.


I misplace my upload cord all the time. It's frustrating. I'm sure the stew was wonderful-great intro to Fall. I had a great parsnip au gratin just recently that an English friend made and I didn't like parsnips before.

Glennis - Can't Believe We Ate

OMGosh! How incredibly frustrating!! I wish I had your excuse though... *Ü* I've cooked and shot pictures but I haven't slowed down to write yet, and I've got a third to get going on too! Egad! LOL!! I know it looks fabulous, because all of your dishes look marvelous! I have faith! Happy Whisking!


I can't believe I missed this post! Sorry about that! Glad you were able to make it, and I know you found your upload cable from a later post!

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