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October 07, 2008


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All is well again! So glad you found your cord and that we can slap you around and call your names.:) I love the little cupcakes.


I love the cupcake idea! They look great. And I'm glad the elves finally returned your cable. =)


Hehehehe. I love the cupcake idea. Yum!


cute little cakes! thanks for making my pick


I think automobile glove compartments are containers of great myster which may hold vortexes to other dimensions. I swear that I put my tire gauge in my glovebox, and today I couldn't find it anywhere.

My caramel took forever too. I actually turned my heat up all the way to "10" because I was tired of waiting. Still, I think you'll agree that the end result was worth it. I like the little brownie cupcakes. Did you have to adjust the bake time or temperature for this?


Love your TWD CPT Brownie Cupcakes. They look SO good--great idea to make them smaller!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Madam Chow

Is it my imagination, or are the TWD getting funnier every week? You and a few others had me rolling with laughter this week. Beautiful cakes, by the way!


Lovin the cupcake idea, and a caramel filling?? ...now that's a decadent idea!


yay for the return of the camera cord! ;) the cupcakes look so tasty, such a great idea to fill them with the caramel!


Ciao Teanna I love your mini cakes ! Actually I loved the cake but not too much the peanuts ( menomale !SO I didn't it too much of it !) and the next days it gor better ! grazie for your comment !


OMG, you never fail to crack me up! Thanks for my laugh of the week!


Your caramel looks delicious! Yes, weren't these a bit on the heavy side? Delicious but yes, felt like I needed to go to the gym as well after eating a few bites!


Wow. Filling the little cupcakes with caramel and then putting more on top. Now that is decadent! You go, girl!


I didn't like the cake: it was too dry. But with the caramel it was okay. Your crème brûlée tarts look so cute!!


You are completely brilliant. I bet that caramel in the middle made all the difference. Now I have to fight the urge to go make the thing again, your way!


Those little caramel topped brownies look great to me. I feel so out of it. First it was 'the shizzz" and now "slap my ass and call me whoever"... I feel as if I should be in the Home for the Incurably Clueless!

I love your posts! Keep them coming!


I love your cupcake version!

Nancy (n.o.e.)

Whoa, those are great looking mini's! Your caramel is perfect, as is the filling. I loved the way these tastes combined. Oh, and your brulee tarts look delicious also!


i love your mini brownie cakes!

and the creme brulee tarts are so cute

mbt sko

My caramel took forever too.My caramel took forever too.

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