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September 09, 2008


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Susan S

How about whopper cookies with that marshmallow filling for a sugar rush? Thanks for the photo tips. I've got a new blog & appreciate your advice. Also, thanks for finding my site and saying hello. It gets lonely being the new blog in town.

So I'm offering free recipes to the 1st 100 visitors !!


I'm glad your family enjoyed them so much. My mom was not a fan of these and said I wasted a bag of Malteser's that she could have eaten.. how mean!

I totally agree about natural lighting. Before I started blogging, I used to take pictures with flash all the time because it does it automatically. I thought my camera was broken with all the yellowish images, but once I shut off the flash and the colour improved a lot. The only thing is I have to control my shaky hand.


The new Betty and Veronica don't only mess with tradition--they mess with good taste. If that's what a poop sandwich looks like, I'm ready to eat it. I try to capture as much natural light as I can, but typically I bake at six or seven on Monday night, which leaves me with Nil. Oh well.

As for parents doing laundry...well, yeah, it's a sweet life.


they look great! interesting how the bake time affected the chocolate taste! sorry you don't have good lighting in your place... i don't know about your camera, but mine does have a setting where you can change it where you tell it that you are shooting inside and not outside and it makes the photo less yellow and icky!


Poop in any other light would smell as sweet... ok, it's not Shakespeare, but you get the drift. Yes, it's all in the lighting, which anyone in the dressing room trying on bathing suits can attest to.


I'm such a "night owl" baker that I hardly ever take baking pictures in natural light. Yes, I agree with the other folks, it really helps to make friends with your camera's lighting or white balance settings. Mine has one where you point it at a piece of white paper (under the same light you're about to use to take the picture) and click a few buttons to adjust the white balance. Not quite as good as natural light, but it helps a lot.

Too bad you didn't like the cookies, but at least you made your family happy!


I love the connection you made between the chocolate malteds and the Archies. (I agree with you about the "new and improved" Betty and Veronica. They look a little too 90210 to me.)
And the natural light observation is so true. As it gets darker earlier, I'm at a loss for how to make things look halfway decent!

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