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September 09, 2008


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Heather Peskin

Have sent you a cute award. Please check my blog.


Laundry for cookies sounds like a fair deal!

Judy (Judy's Gross Eats)

My dad called them malteds, too, and that was decades ago. He's the one who got me hooked on malted milk balls, but I don't know where he got them, since I'm pretty sure they weren't Whoppers. Glad you tried a second time.

Kelly D

Two batches? I think I would weigh one thousand pounds. Well, maybe not if I kept referring to them as poop sandwiches.


I totally agree, natural light makes all the difference in the world! I went from having all of my pictures tinged an unhealthy blue to having more presentable pictures when I figured that out. Also check your camera if it has a 'white balance' setting--that can really help if you have to take pictures under artificial light.


We were not a big fan of these either! Your not alone:)


New Betty???? Sounds like your second batch were a hit, thanks to some advice from mom. I wish I could always photograph with natural light, but I'm telling you I get all my cravings late at night and then we eat it all before the natural light is back.


This is such a funny cookie, because it seems that everyone who thought they'd like them, didn't and those who thought they wouldn't, did. Srange...

Helpful cookie tip: to avoid what I call "the spread" chill scooped cookies for a minimum of 15 minutes before baking.


You captured the perfect light for your photos! They look great...and I am pretty sure they taste WAY better than poop sandwiches! Ha!


wait till you see next week's cookies. they seriously look like turds. they are great, but look like turds. also i wonder how taking the cookies out makes them taste less chocolatey? i'm glad it worked, i just wonder how?

steph (whisk/spoon)

mums always know best! and the old betty and veronica were sooo much cuter!


Oh I think I would love your sweet Italian grandmother, would remind me of mine! Glad everyone enjoyed the cookies!

Heather Peskin

Your name for the Chocky Whoppers is quite appropriate! But they do make up for their looks by tasting good.


What the....?!?!? where did that new Betty and Veronica come from? Nobody asked me when that change was made.

So, if you thought these were too chocolatey, you might want to skip the chocolate chunkers... they are even more chocolately. Almost too much for even me!

One thing I did recently is to pull out my camera's owner's manual and figure out the "white balance"... it definitely helps when you're stuck indoors. At least it helps get rid of those yellowy pictures (or bluish in my case).

Anyway, nice job and way to rise to the occasion :)


Your posts always make me laugh. =) I agree with Liz--check to see what settings your camera has. Mine is a point and shoot, but my pictures got a lot better when I discovered that it has an "indoor" setting. Very few of the pictures on my blog are taken with natural light.


Had to chuckle reading your post! Glad your family enjoyed them so much. And I totally agree about the new Betty and Veronica - so disappointing!


Hahaha mine looked like poop cookies too! My friends saw the pic of the batter on my camera and thought I took a picture of something else...

At least they tasted delicious!


Wow! I never noticed how TINY Veronica and Betty's waists were! Cute post, by the way!! All of the cookies look great.

Mary Ann

Two batches? That is dedication. I agree, natural light makes a huge difference

Lauren Simon

Milk Shake glasses are found at Sur La Table. As for malteds, in Brooklyn where I grew up, that's what they were called. Loved your post!

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