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September 30, 2008


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yay for getting to use your torch!!!!


I hate to admit this...I had a torch and couldn't figure out how to work it. Big disappointment, but the broiler became my back up.


Funny! I love the graham cracker addition. I wish TWD still did the old style "secret ingredient" nominations- I'd vote for you this week!


i love your description of the torch-capades! hilarious. your brulees look lovely.


Oh, hell yes! If I had a torch, I'd be "testing" it on paper, electronics, furniture, friends, and family! According to my cigar-smoking college roommate who left lighters everywhere, I am a bit of a pyro. The broiler was a good idea.

stephanie clark

I know how you feel, except mine are elves...it's Chloe, the new house pup :) Your Brulee's still look fantastic!


Ooooh, S'mores brulees sound fantastic! And I love the torch story...I can totally relate. Open fire in the kitchen? Count me in!


Despite of all the mishaps with your camera your crème brûlée looks really good!

Lisa magicsprinkles

You go girl! I chickened out and was afraid of personal injury or causing an explosion and didn't use mine. I went the broiler route :(


Did you just make a graham cracker crust for the bottom?

Your picture, although a little blurry, is fine. At least you know how to get it of your phone. I have no idea how to do it on mine.


This is awesome. I want a torch now, so I can potentially light everything in our apartment on fire!!!


I'd worry about the elves myself. And you gotta watch out for the torch.


You are so funny! LOL, glad you figured out how to use the torch without catching anything or anyone on fire.


I agree - Steve Jobs should do so much better! But the brulee looks awesome regardless. Yum!


I love finding any reason to use my torch. I swear Matt sometimes hides it from me because he's afraid I'll burn the place down.

Also, thank you so much for the award - that was very kind of you. Much appreciated!


I laughed so hard reading this post, I cried! Seriously, you are hilarious. Starting with: "Blogging may have ruined my enjoyment of eating", so true! And then "convinced I lit a part of my body on fire (which, believe me, would have been no surprise)"! lol! I'm so glad you didn't light yourself on fire though. And that you enjoyed the brulées. Funny how a little kitchen gadget like a torch can bring us so much enjoyment. :)


If you ever catch one of those elves, could you ask him what he did with my favorite green sweater, my iPod earphones, and the picture of my son swimming with a dolphin? Threaten him with your torch if necessary...


I hope your camera woes are resolved soon. I really enjoyed your description of your experience with the torch. =) One of these days I'll get my hands on one...

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