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September 16, 2008


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Madam Chow

$45,000, eh? OK, you're officially worse than I am! ;)


Ohmygod. I am addicted to Twilight. I read all 4 books in 4 days. I didn't sleep! I CANNOT wait for the movie! TEAM EDWARD! oh wait. I am suppose to comment about the cookies. HAHA. Glad you thought they were the shiz (yeah i said it too!). Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

April B

You just talked about two of my favorite things, chocolate & Twilight. I bet the mint was fantastic, there are so many ways to experiment with these. Great job!


This is an awesome idea! I am so trying the mint now. Great job. And I'm all for the longer posts, to be honest.


You really broke the bank on these cookies:) Well worth it!! They look amazing!


My husband and I read those Twilight books together..he dosen't like to read much so we took turns. We both LOVED them. I too can't wait to see that hunk Edward on the big screen..the movie comes out in December...I think it's the 15th! Oh ya your cookies look so good! Im glad you liked them and your boyfriend was able to eat 5 of them! My sweet man ate 10..he loved them! I WILL make these little chuckers again..Im afaid my butt my be a chunker if Im not careful = ).


christmas cookies! i'm in on that as well. Bet these would make lovely xmas cookie giveaways!


Wow those look good with the M&M's!


That is too funny - I'm impressed at your restraint in the tasting department though. I might have to check out the Twilight books...


I love these cookies! Speaking of Christmas, wouldn't they be great with chopped peppermint bark in them?! I'm going to have to remember that.

I haven't read the Twilight books, but my husband and I are watching a new HBO series called True Blood. It's about vampires. So far, I like it.

I also wanted to say thank you for commenting on my first TWD post. I seriously thought no one was reading. In reality, I didn't set my blog to notify me when comments were posted. Oops.


Those look really good. Cookies and Twilight. Tried the cookie, have to look for the book. Shazaaammmmm!!!!


dude these cookies = hot sex on a platter. they truly were the shizzz. the mint ones must have been amazing.


Mmmm. The mint sounds really good!


Cool m&m's. I love the sparkly colors. The mint ones sound like they would be really yummy in these cookies.


Reading your post made me laugh yet again and also made me realize how old I'm getting. On the one hand I have read Twilight (I am a diehard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan) and on the other hand I have never heard of "the shizz". And I teach school, so you would think I know all of the in slang. Oh, well...
Another awesome post. (Good grief, I still say "awesome". Next I will be wearing sandals with black dress socks)


Your cookies look great!


Edit shmedit--with your posts, the longer the better. I'm glad your clunkers came out pretty great. I ate more dough than cookie. The true bummer is that the batch makes so few cookies. I'm going to make a double batch on Friday to deliver to friends and family.


Mmmm, the mint ones look like da' bomb! Wow, I need to try a mint version. Great job!

P.S. my son is reading the last Harry Potter... I guess I'm no longer shocked by 700+ page kids books... who knew any kid would want to read a book that long?


I've got to get me some of those M and Ms. Where have I been? I didn't even know about them. And this from a serious m and M devotee. Get some rest girl, then wake up and eat five of those gorgeous cookies. That's what I'd do.

Heather Peskin

Raspberry almond and Mint - what a super idea and well worth copying. They look gorgeous surrounded by the pretty coloured chocolates. Great job!

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