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September 02, 2008


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My word, that's one decadent concoction you've got there! I lived on marshmallow fluff when I was a child. Peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, to be precise. You're giving me serious cravings! And boy, you're right about the butter. Your Land O Lakes musings had me chuckling.


who cares about the butter.. they were so darn good!! haha. Congrats upon your little beauties!


I am impressed!


lol! I wish I'd thought of the fluff filling, that looks goooooood!


I am loving the whole marshmallow filling idea! I think a little stuffing was exactly what was missing from my cookies. Great job!


Oh.my.god. I HEART those oatmeal cream pies from Lil Debbie!! Darn I wish I hadn't given the rest of my cookies away. Now I have to try your marshmallow filling recipe. I'll just pretend I have no idea what shortening is when I make it. LOL. Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


haha, we should totally take over Land o' Lakes ;) that filling looks so good!!

April B

I'm thinking that the purchase of a dairy cow might be a good idea, cream and butter! Those cookies sandwiches look like a wonderful way to spoil my dinner.


Very nice cookies. I love your idea of putting the filling in them. They look much better then little debs.


OH. MY. GOODNESS. And goodness has nothing to do with it. :) That looks so bad-for-me delicious!


Great idea...I am now flashing back to those Little Debbie snacks. Yours look much tastier, of course. And I think we should either get part ownership in Land O' Lakes, or maybe they could throw us each a free pound or something!


Oooohhh...those look great as ice cream sandwiches!


ohhhh those look marshmallow-tastic..


Wow, that is seriously over the top. I have never had a little debbie but I am going to guess she isn't so little.
We made these cookies last night, right after the beurre blanc, so I am feeling pretty buttery too!

Carol Peterman

They look messy and oh, so delicious!


I love what you did with the cookies... and I agree we use so much butter. I have started keeping only one cookie or one piece of what I make and giving the rest away otherwise I think I may turn into a stick of butter.


Wow! Do those look good! What a great idea about the Little Debbie snacks. I bet they turned out delicious.


I'm with you about investing in butter. Everytime I buy it again and again I think I should (that and diapers... Huggies gets way too much cash from me!) :)

Great job on the cookies, the sandwiches look wonderful!

Holly @ PheMOMenon

Super yummy! Land o'Lakes aught to at least be giving us all some coupons that is for sure!


I'm with you. Let's stage a LoL hostile takeover and be butter millionaires. They look wonderful.

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