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August 19, 2008


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Those look so good. I hate measuring the peanut butter but I am always happy when I put it in.

Holly @ PheMOMenon

Yummmm! I am so going for this version next time around!

Matt's Kitchen

And I thought I was throwing caution to the wind by adding dried cherries... Your grabbers look amazing!


I agree, these look amazing! I love the pineapple and banana add-ins, and peanut butter, yum! You've got a 5 star cookie right there :)


peanut butter! bananas! that's the most amazing sounding tweak of all the TWD bakers. I'm going to do that next time, absolutely.


Interesting with the peanut butter (and all the other stuff) - I'll bet they tasted super!


That filling looks awesome! Yuummmmm!


I used a "Big" reference as well! Hehehe. Glad you enjoyed the cookies!


I love all of your additions to the cookies...wonderful job! Your cookies look tasty.


I love that movie! Your cookies look wonderful, nice job!


WOW - that filling looks amazing! I love your take on the cookie - very creative. :) I know people who leave TV/radio on for their pets too, so not too weird!


Wow, that last photo - drool worthy. Quite a spin though, it's like a whole different cookie!


WOW. *cough OVERACHIEVER cough* I am hitting myself for not thinking of mini marshmallows!! and that PB filling sounds fabulous. My hubs would have loved that! Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


I love your personal take on the cookies. They sound great.
If you feel old now, wait til you have kids.
Wait til you have kids who are adults! (My daughter turns 19 next week, where does the time go?)


Wow a tropical cookie and marshmallows, oh yum! I wish I had thought of the marshmallows. Great job! Oh and love the old comment but wait to you get to I don't know my age (38!)


Oooooh... cinnamon sugar!! I love that stuff! I'll definitely have to try that next time! :) Happy Tuesday!


Oh my goodness, so creative with your ingredients! They do sound super yummy! I have enjoyed seeing how everyone changed up the recipe a bit....just goes to show what a good "base" these cookies were.


the peanut butter must have taken forever... but it looks like it's worth it! yum :) the tropical fruits sound great!


Wow! Great combinations............That pb oozing out makes my mouth water!


Delicioso MAma

Oh, those DO look good! Those tropical combinations sound great..a good "summer flavor" cookie that would make it worth it to fire up my oven! Could serve it with Vanilla Bean ice cream...or maybe homemade peach ice cream...I think I still have some of that in the freezer...I may be baking these tonight!!!

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